The climb to Pro Rank

Hello everyone, Atrsharpe here with the follow-up on the previous article. This will be a more advanced piece, made for those of you who are trying to climb to Pro Rank. When you get to Rank 10 and higher, Pro

Gwent Ranked Mode

Hello everyone, Atrsharpe here to introduce you to a rather important aspect of Gwent – its Ranked mode. I will cover the absolute basics of Ranked and go over everything from Rank 30 to Rank 0 (Pro Rank). If you

Gwent Crafting Guide

Coming into Gwent can be a daunting experience. The various leaders and factions are not truly covered by the tutorial, making it hard to discern which factions you should spend your scraps on and how to build your first deck.

Gwent Economy Guide

Gwent is well-known for its generous economy system. Newcomers can quickly finish building a strong deck, build a good collection and focus on cosmetics. However, the economy system in Gwent is a complex one, with multiple currencies and a plethora

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