Ofir Card Review – ST & NR

The sudden release of the Merchants of Ofir expansion was a pleasant surprise to everyone. We’ve got over 70 new cards, enabling some interesting combos for each faction. CDPR have introduced Stratagems, which are the new alternatives to Tactical Advantage,

EGC LAN Finals Recap

Hey guys, SpyroZA and Thekeyer here. We watched an amazing finale of the EGC series last weekend and we decided to write a bit about the Gwent tournament meta and how it evolved since the last event. We also interviewed

EGC Tourney Meta Review

Hello everyone, Thekeyer here. I sat down with Pajabol and we went over his tournament experience and all the line-ups. We were fortunate enough to witness the 1st tournament played after Iron Judgement’s release last weekend (5-6th Oct). It was

Syndicate Nongang Cards

Hey guys, welcome to our final Syndicate card review. Our new content team member Yangtse42 sat down with Pajabol and wusubi to quickly review the new cards that don’t belong to a specific gang. Stay tuned for the meta report

Syndicate Hotfix

Hello everyone,  Yesterday we have received the first and much needed Syndicate patch. On top of several bug fixes, it also adjusted the power level of some cards. Our bossman Shadowplayred sat down with Green-Knight and brainstormed his raw thoughts

Cutups Review

Welcome to our fifth Syndicate card review. The Novigrad update has been out for a week and we’re finally bringing you the very last gang review. SirLoathing took his time to analyze Whoreson Junior and the rest of the brutal

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