The Toolbox (1-5)

Hello, Crixuz here with the first five skills compiled in one article. Recognizing unusual behavior When an opponent behaves unexpectedly, there is usually a very good reason. A good signpost is when the opponent passes priority despite having lots of

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TLG & LoRFR – Frostbite

Hello and welcome to our detailed guide on the Frostbite mechanic! This article is the fruit of a collaboration between Legends of Runeterra FR and TLG. French players were asked to choose between five keywords (Last Breath, Overwhelm, Frostbite, Vulnerable

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LoR Budget Decks

Hello everyone, Daylt0n and Froggy here. We have received many requests from newcomers, asking us what their first cards to craft should be and so, we decided to give you a few deck ideas to get you started. Usually, new

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