Gwent Crafting Guide

Coming into Gwent can be a daunting experience. The various leaders and factions are not truly covered by the tutorial, making it hard to discern which factions you should spend your scraps on and how to build your first deck.

This guide will give you some pointers on what cards are worth crafting. Our Meta Report can be used as a reference to the best decks in the meta, something you should aim towards with your crafts. If you are on a tighter budget of around 1000 scraps, check out our Budget Decks.

Last update: 27th of November, Patch 4.1.2

We evaluate the crafting priority using the following legend: Essential > High > Medium > Low.

While a low priority card might seem a bit discouraging for a craft, the rating should always be viewed in a wider context. Each card comes with a brief explanation. Some recommended cards aren't featured in any meta decks (i.e. Carlo Varese). We are including cards that are primarily geared towards helping new players achieve success.

Thus, there is an emphasis on Midrange cards or mildly synergistic cards that provide you with decent value on their own. Be it in terms of the actual points or consistency and versatility they offer. As a newcomer, meta decks are relatively far off. Besides, the meta changes monthly. We rather focus on giving new players a good foundation.

Feel free to join our Discord server if you have any questions.

Carlo Varese (200 scraps)
Crafting priority: Essential

Carlo is a good addition to starter decks. He offers very high damage ceiling, which comes in handy given how Thunderbolts are a part of the starter decks. You should always be able to find a target, especially in Round 1 on Red coin when your opponent uses Tactical Advantage.



Roach (200 scraps)
Synergies: Assire var Anahid
Crafting priority: Essential for Nilfgaard with Assire,
Low otherwise

Roach can easily fit into any deck. Nice additional tempo in Round 1, on top of extra thinning. While always decent, she is one of the core cards when starting with Nilfgaard.



Portal (200 scraps)
Numerous 4 provision cards that don't rely on Deploy effects, i.e. Nauzicaa Sergeant and Sly Seductress

Crafting priority: High

Portal thins your deck and potentially plays two engines in one turn. This makes it a cheap craft that can help you take over the match. For example, Nilfgaard commonly plays Portal into 2x Nauzicaa Sergeant, who get boosted each time you play a card with a Deploy ability.


One-Eyed Betsy (200 scraps)
Crafting priority: Medium

One-Eyed Betsy can fit into any deck, irrespective of your game plan. With the Iron Judgment expansion, popular engines now have armor. Betsy is an effective answer to cards like Armored Drakkar or Redanian Archer.




Avallac'h (800 scraps)
Synergies: Any unit with Assimilate and Sage
Crafting priority: High

If you're looking to craft a Neutral legendary, Avallac'h is currently the best option. As a very respectable 12 for 10, he found his place in various meta decks. Biting Frost is an effective tool against swarm-oriented decks such as Mystic Echo Dwarves. Impenetrable Fog can be played when you don't want to kill units.


Vigo's Muzzle (800 scraps)
Crafting priority:

Despite being outshined by Avallac'h, Muzzle is a strong Neutral card. It presents a decent power-play on its own, with the added flexibility of being able to Seize engines. Muzzle rarely plays below the curve because the removal often makes it worth more than the immediate 10 for 12.

Additional worthy crafts


Northern Realms (NR) generally rely on engine-overload game plan with strong synergies. The best leader ability, Pincer Maneuver, emphasizes this playstyle the most and therefore our crafting suggestions are oriented towards completing its deck. Inspired Zeal is also a good ability and we outlined the Blue Stripes package.

Ability ranking: Pincer Maneuver > Inspired Zeal > Royal Inspiration > Vicious Slash = Mobilization > Stockpile

The initial crafts


2x Kaedweni Sergeant (2x 30 scraps)
Synergies: Any unit that benefits from being boosted, Aretuza Adept and Priscilla
Crafting priority: Essential

Kaedweni Sergeants are very cheap and offer awesome synergies with some of the boost-oriented cards in the starter deck, such as Tridam Infantry or Anna Strenger.



2x Redanian Archer (2x 30 scraps)
Synergies: Armor-givers, Aretuza Adept and Priscilla
Crafting priority: Essential

Redanian Archer is a persistent engine that demands an answer before it accrues value far beyond its 5 provisions. Possibly the best addition from the Iron Judgment cards.




2x Aretuza Adept (2x 80 scraps)
Synergies: Order units
Crafting priority: Essential

Now that you have added 4 more Order units, coupled with 2x Lyrian Arbalest and Nenneke in the starter deck, Adepts offers a very reliable source of long round value. As such, they are a core enabler to the engine-overload game plan of NR and thus an essential craft.

The epic crafts


Vissegerd (200 scraps)
Synergies: Nenneke, Prince Stennis, Aretuza Adept, Priscilla and any boosted unit
Crafting priority: Essential

Vissegerd has quickly become a staple card for most NR decks. Often acting as a powerful finisher, he can always be played earlier if you already have some boosted units and need him to remove a threat.


Vincent Meis (200 scraps)
Synergies: Kaedweni Revenant
Crafting priority: High

For a mere 6 provisions, Vincent represents a cheap and effective answer to units with high base power, making him invaluable against Monsters. He often finds decent value against other factions, while setting up a 1 power target for Kaedweni Revenant.



Síle de Tansarville (200 scraps)
Synergies: Cintrian Spellweaver
Crafting priority: Medium

Like every Order unit, Síle procs Lyrian Arbalest. Due to being a Mage, she also grants you a Spellweaver charge. After developing some Order damage engines, you can combine them with Síle to clean up the crucial targets.

The legendary crafts


Falibor (800 scraps)
Synergies: Order units with damage pings that can set him up for full value
Crafting priority: Essential

Falibor is one of the best anti-bleed tools available to NR, which is otherwise the bane of the faction. He fulfills an important niche and plays for a lot of value, making him too good to ignore.


Philippa: Blind Fury (800 scraps)
Synergies: Cintrian Spellweaver
Crafting priority: Essential

Similarly to Falibor, Philippa is an amazing anti-bleed tool and one of the best cards to deal with pesky Defenders or multiple engines at once.




Bloody Baron (800 scraps)
Synergies: Zeal and boost cards
Crafting priority: High

In a meta where people boost their units to big numbers, Bloody Baron acts as one of the most terrifying counters. He rarely plays below his provision cost and works great with Pincer Maneuver and Inspired Zeal.

The Pincer Maneuver engine package (2080 scraps)


Crafting order: Portal (200 scraps) → 2x Lyrian Landsknecht (160 scraps) → 2x Cintrian Spellweaver and 2x Envoy (120 scraps) → Vernon Roche (800 scraps) → Hen Gaidth Sword (800 scraps)

The engine-overload Pincer Maneuver package has proven to be incredibly difficult to deal with. It builds upon the initial crafts and the powerhouse inclusions, resulting in a very strong deck. With the assistance of cards like Portal, Vernon Roche and Hen Gaidth Sword, you can keep playing multiple engines for a couple of turns. The usual setup for Portal is 2x Lyrian Arbalest from the starter deck and 1 copy of Kaedweni Sergeant, granting you 3 targets to pull.

Vernon Roche can potentially pull two engines, but be careful with the timing, especially when you still have some cards that deal damage on Deploy left in your deck. Thanks to your damage-dealing engines, you can setup Sword, Vernon is the preferred target. Eventually, Shani (800 scraps) is the replacement for Nenneke.

The Inspired Zeal Blue Stripes package (2760 scraps)


Since the NR starter deck includes 2x Blue Stripes Commando, you can easily expand on this package and make your deck better in the process. Despite the nerfs, Blue Stripes Inspired Zeal remains a force to be reckoned with. The whole package gets much better once you craft Royal Decree (800 scraps) for the fundamental consistency.


2x Blue Stripes Scout (2x 80 scraps)
Blue Stripes Commando

Crafting priority: Essential for this package

Adding 2x Scout to empower your Commando is a cheap and simultaneously a decent craft you can make early on when playing Inspired Zeal. If you would invest 1000 more scraps into crafting Pavetta and Roche: Merciless, you will have the core of the insanely good Blue Stripes package.


Pavetta (200 scraps)
Synergies: Commando, Roche: Merciless and Draug
Crafting priority: Essential for this package

Pavetta is the card that makes the Blue Stripes package truly terrifying. Shuffle several Commandos back in your deck and play them with Inspired Zeal. Coupled with the fact that Pavetta is a 6 for 8 provisions, there are almost no downsides to this package.


Roche: Merciless (800 scraps)
Synergies: Blue Stripes Scout, Pavetta and Draug
Crafting priority: Essential for this package

The undisputed MVP of the recent NR patch. He spawns another Commando, making the package more resilient. On top of that, he plays for a crazy amount of points if his Deathblow is triggered. He is usually used as a Round 3 finisher with Draug, but can also work as a Commando tutor in some niche cases.


Draug (800 scraps)
Synergies: Human bodies, especially the Blue Stripes package due to its swarm nature
Crafting priority: High for this package

No matter how you want to build your deck, it's difficult not to include Draug. He synergizes extremely well with the Blue Stripes package and provides a lot of points by turning all the humans in a specific row into Revenants.


Seltkirk (800 scraps)
Synergies: Inspired Zeal, boosts, shields and Zeal-givers
Crafting priority: High for Inspired Zeal, Low otherwise

Seltkirk works best in Inspired Zeal decks, where he acts as reliable removal. The faction has wide access to boosts and the starter deck even more so, making his potential value exceed the 9 provision cost.

Additional worthy crafts


Nilfgaard (NG) tends to gravitate towards control-oriented game plans that circumvent the faction's inherent inferiority in terms of raw power. While that may not sound attractive, Nilfgaard is a powerful faction due to its mixture of control options and long round value cards. We recommend focusing exclusively on Enslave decks, which is also reflected in our crafting suggestions. Enslave is simply leagues ahead of all other leader abilities.

Ability ranking: Enslave > Imperial Formation = Withdrawal = Tactical Decision > Double Cross > Lockdown

The initial crafts


Portal (200 scraps)
Synergies: Nauzicaa Sergeants
Crafting priority: Essential

The starter deck has 2x Nauzicaa Sergeant and the best thing you can do is craft Portal and pull both Sergeants. In order to guarantee it, you have to cut Alba Spearmen and avoid playing more 4 prov units. This is easier than it sounds, as Nilfgaard plays cheap Tactics instead of units. Refer to the following Tactics package.


Assire var Anahid - if you have Roach (200 scraps)
Crafting priority: Essential with Roach

Assire and Roach have been the infamous Gwent combo since time immemorial. Given the cheap scrap cost, every fledgling NG player should craft this combo, as it provides a potent proactive play.




Peter Saar Gwynleve (200 scraps)
Crafting priority: High

Peter is a flexible card and always a good inclusion as you slowly craft the NG deck. The ceiling on this card is huge, especially on the lower ranks, given how boost cards are an integral part of most starting decks. He can severely punish a greedy opponent.

The tactics package (1480 scraps)


The recently buffed Tactic cards are a core of every competitive NG deck. The starter deck already has Treason, so if you throw in 7 extra tactics, Enslave can Seize a 5 power unit.


2x Assassination (2x 80 scraps)
Synergies: Hefty Helge and Menno Coehoorn
Crafting priority: Essential

After a few nerfs to most removal cards, Assassination has become the go-to removal for NG and a card most other factions wish they had. There are virtually no downsides to including Assassination in your deck.



2x Tourney Joust (2x 30 scraps)
Synergies: Hefty Helge and Menno
Crafting priority: Essential

As if Assassination wasn't enough, Tourney Joust further cements Nilfgaards forte as the disruptive, pain in the ass to play against faction. It penetrates shields and still acts as on-curve removal. Additionally, Joust has the flexibility and can be used to protect one of your cards, for example Hefty Helge. A cheap must-craft.


2x Battle Preparation (2x 30 scraps)
Synergies: Hefty Helge, Menno, Ffion or any Soldier
Crafting priority: High

Battle Preparation allows you to protect your key engines and can always be used on any Soldier for the extra value. While mostly functioning as the ideal mulligan fodder for Nilfgaard decks, there are situations where you want to protect a card like Ffion.



War Council (200 scraps)
Synergies: Hefty Helge, Menno, Stefan Skellen
Crafting priority: High

A perfect addition to the Tactics package, improving the overall consistency of NG. On top of the useful thinning and the ability to potentially find a missing win condition, Council is also a decent target for Stefan Skellen in case you don't find Bribery.


Now that you have crafted all the crucial tactics, you can craft two very effective cards that will benefit from them.


Hefty Helge (200 scraps)
Synergies: Any tactic card
Crafting priority: Essential

Offering strong synergy with the predominant Nilfgaard game plan, Helge is an engine that is difficult to answer. Thanks to the Shield, Helge can very easily snowball and often demands a disproportionate investment from the opponent to answer the Shielded engine.



Menno Coehoorn (800 scraps)
Synergies: Any tactic card
Crafting priority: Essential

With the buffs to tactics, Menno has become a staple of any NG deck and impossible to ignore as a craft. He will always be useful, as he can fetch you both removal or a proactive play in a pinch.

The Assimilate package (1000 scraps)


The Assimilate package synergizes with your other win conditions: Portal into Sergeants and the Tactics package. Offering a lot of long round power, it forms a solid backbone for Nilfgaard decks.


Crafting order: 2x Diplomacy (160 scraps) → 2x Diviner (160 scraps) → Artorius and 1x Informant (280 scraps) → Glynnis (200 scraps) → Dazhbog Runestone (200 scraps)

Imperial Diplomacy offers wonderful synergy with the Tactics package, while procing all of your Assimilate engines. Diviners can get rid of any negative status such as Lock, bypass enemy Defenders, but you often just drop them for Assimilate value. With the introduction of War Council, most decks ended up cutting Impera Brigades. This means that the three different types of bronze units in the deck can be 2x Nauzicaa Sergeant for Portal, 2x Imperial Diviner and 1x Informant. Artorius then pulls Informant for full value or a Diviner for Purify. Coupled with a few Create cards, Glynnis is a threatening engine and is hard to remove.

The powerhouse crafts


Ffion var Granel (800 scraps)
Synergies: Engine protection
Crafting priority: Essential

Ffion a perfect Defender. His protection enables greedy power plays such as Stefan Skellen or Damien de la Tour. His Deploy ability procs your Sergeants and the Tactic he creates procs all the Assimilate engines and Hefty Helge. Ffion is a key card that contributes to the faction's ability to overcome its inherent disadvantage in terms of power.


Damien de la Tour (800 scraps)
Crafting priority: Essential

One of the greediest cards in Gwent, which was up until the inclusion of the Defender mechanic nigh-unplayable. With Ffion in the game, Damien has become an integral card for Nilfgaard.




Stefan Skellen and Bribery (1600 scraps)
Crafting priority: Essential

Stefan is another greedy card along the same vein as Damien. As it turns out, replaying a powerful Tactic card like Bribery or War Council is pretty good. Bribery often plays well-above its 8 provisions, especially when you consider the fact that it synergizes with all packages.


Yennefer's Invocation (800 scraps)
Synergies: War Council and Tactical Decision
Crafting priority: High

This card is an extremely potent addition to NG's toolbox. For just 9 provisions, you get reliable removal, as well as the option of using the removed card to your advantage. Yennefer has quickly found her way into most NG decks.

Additional worthy crafts


Caveat emptor: Syndicate (SY) sadly doesn't have a starter deck and is designed to be a more advanced faction. Thus, it requires a higher scrap investment. On the upside, you can focus on Novigrad kegs if SY appeals to you. Syndicate has proven to be a dominant faction since its release and the coin mechanic is unique and powerful. Understanding it is key to becoming a good SY player (i.e. you need to balance coin generation and spenders).

Ability ranking: Wild Card > Lined Pockets = Blood Money > Off the Books > Jackpot > Congregate

Bronze crimes and spenders


We have chosen to categorize the Syndicate cards into different packages because they are all greatly synergestic. You should look to complete one package at a time after crafting the "auto-include" cards that are simply too good and agnostic to whichever version of Syndicate you're playing. All cards in their individual packages are considered to be essential crafts. Let's start off with the bread and butter of Syndicate decks - the bronze crimes and spenders.


Crimes underpin Syndicates deck by providing uninteractive points (coins) without a body, which is insanely strong. Regarding how many crimes you should craft, that's ultimately at your own discretion. You can easily run 2 of each, but ultimately, they're like spice in a good dish. Use too many and you ruin it, use too few and the dish will be bland.

Confer our meta report and various deck guides to get the rough idea of the ideal amount of crimes and spenders. Furthermore, in order to benefit from Slander, make sure you craft Ewald Borsodi and 2x Witch Hunter Executioner.


2x Sea Jackal (2x 30 scraps)
Crafting priority: Essential without Portal, Low otherwise

Sea Jackal is the perfect non-committal bronze spender. He's very cheap to craft while taking up only 4 provisions. Not having any profit makes him a great play when your bank is full and you need to free up some coins. Jackal is an incredibly versatile card. In Round 1, he can enable SY to catch up to huge point gaps, in Round 2 he prevents SY from being bled. In Round 3, he can be your finisher.


The rules are simple - if you play a deck without Portal (the Seductive package) - Sea Jackal is your go-to spender. Otherwise you can always rely on Coerced Blacksmith.


2x Coerced Blacksmith (2x 30 scraps)
Crafting priority: Essential with Portal, Low otherwise

Also known as "Emergency-smith" this card is another non-committal spender that can free up your bank or utilize leftover coins. In some matchups, he can keep other spenders alive. He's crucial in Syndicate mirrors, where he makes opponent's Bounties hard to collect.

The "auto-include" package (2200 scraps)


These 5 cards are essential to the majority of Syndicate decks. They all provide amazing value relative to provisions.

The Bounty package (1220 scraps)


Crafting order: 2x Slander and 2x Executioner (220 scraps) → Graden (200 scraps) → Professor (800 scraps)

Despite being able to have only one Bounty going at a time after the recent change, the synergy between Bounty, removal and spenders is still a very potent one. While not as strong as it used to be, the Bounty package continues to be one of the cornerstones of Syndicate's power level. It is worth noting that you won't be able to accommodate Professor if you want to play the Seductive package. Additionally, to ensure Bounty for Graden you can simply play Wild Card (leader ability) or consider crafting Caleb Menge (800 scraps).

The Seductive package (1360 scraps)


Crafting order: Portal and 2x Sly Seductress (360 scraps) → Adriano (200 scraps) → Vivaldi Bank (800 scraps)

Deceptively simple, this package has proven to be strong in the current meta, where playing 2 engines in one turn through Portal is extremely prevalent. As far as two engines go, double Seductress can be very pesky with Adriano, who can Spawn yet another Seductress. This grants you a cheap and powerful engine which is resilient to removal. Make sure to avoid playing any other 4 provision units. Vivaldi Bank is an efficient tutor card, ensuring that you will find your Portal by Round 3.

Madame Luiza and Savolla (1600 scraps)


Now that you have crafted Moreelse and Graden, Madame Luiza has three potential targets, with Savolla of course being the optimal one. Savolla's Frightener is a 12 power token with 6 armor, making the Luiza and Savolla combo worth 24 points plus the Intimidate tag and all the Coins. The combo gets better with Royal Decree (800 scraps).

The filler cards (1360 scraps)


Mutated Hounds (2x 80 scraps)
Synergies: With each other or with any Poison card
Crafting priority: High with Fisstech, Low otherwise

Since the vast majority of SY decks have to run Fisstech because of coin generation, Mutated Hounds is a great and flexible card. Even when the Fisstech gets Purified, Hound can still play as a 5 for 4 in the Melee row, which isn't the end of the world.


Adalbertus Kalkstein (200 scraps)
Crafting priority: Essential when you reach a meta where the mirror match becomes prevalent, Medium otherwise

Kalkstein truly shines in the mirror where he can remove Bounty and Poison. He can find value in other matchups, for example against Blood Scent Vampires. Otherwise he is a respectable 7 for 7.



Ferko the Sculptor (800 scraps)
Synergies: Any Crime card
Crafting priority: Essential once you've acquired all of the crucial packages, Medium otherwise

While Ferko isn't an absolute necessity until your deck is fleshed out, he's great in any refined deck. The ability to tutor any Crime significantly improves the consistency of Bounty and Poison packages. Ferko can always fetch you Eavesdrop or Dip in the Pontar if necessary.

Additional worthy crafts


Scoia'tael (ST) is currently defined by Mystic Echo and its synergies with key special cards such as Call of the Forest, Water of Brokilon and Novigradian Justice, making it one of the most prevalent and powerful abilities in the game. While other leader abilities remain unviable, Mystic Echo's power alone makes ST an attractive faction to invest into.

Ability ranking: Mystic Echo > Guerilla Tactics = Call of Harmony = Precision Strike > Deadeye Ambush > Invigorate

The initial crafts


2x Dwarven Chariot (2x 80 scraps)
Synergies: Units with the Harmony tag, The Great Oak, Mahakam Guard, Barclay Els, Zoltan Chivay and Warrior
Crafting priority: Essential

Dwarven Chariot provides the Harmony package with a Machine tag and it also spawns a Rowdy Dwarf. As such, Chariot is one of the most versatile bronzes. The Bonded ability is a nice bonus. Chariot is a great replacement for the starter decks' Incinerating Traps.


2x Dwarf Berserker (2x 30 scraps)
Synergies: Novigradian Justice and Tempering
Crafting priority: High

Very much like Chariot, you will usually find Berserker in Harmony as well as Dwarf decks. This card is a powerful Novigradian Justice target. If the round is long enough, Dwarf Berserker can potentially play as a 7 for 4.



Morenn (200 scraps)
Crafting priority: Medium

Morenn is a perfect replacement for Dorregaray. She is one provision cheaper and you also have the option of playing her in Melee row for damage. Not the fanciest card available, but certainly a useful and versatile one.

The powerhouse crafts


Call of the Forest (800 scraps)
Crafting priority: Essential

Scoia'tael used to have problems with consistency until Call of the Forest got reworked. It's a better Royal Decree, which makes it too good to not include in every possible version of Mystic Echo. The ability to pull one of your win conditions such as The Great Oak is simply too valuable.



The Great Oak (800 scraps)
Synergies: Row-stacking
Crafting priority: Essential

The Great Oak provides some much needed long round potential and reach. His flexibility allows you to remove engines without losing value if you place him correctly.




Figgis Merlunzo (800 scraps)
Synergies: The Great Oak, engines, the Dwarf package
Crafting priority: Essential

Figgis offers awesome synergies and the Defender tag. Spawning 2 Rowdy Dwarves empowers The Great Oak and the Dwarf package. His ability to protect engines such as Pavko Gale makes Figgis just as important for Harmony decks.

The Dwarf package (3720 scraps)


The following crafts expand on the 2x Dwarven Skirmisher, 2x Mahakam Marauder and 2x Mahakam Volunteers from the starter set. A fully dedicated Dwarf deck also runs 2x Dwarven Chariot and 2x Dwarf Berserker from the initial crafts and all three golds from the powerhouse crafts.


Crafting order: 2x Dwarven Mercenary and Justice (860 scraps) → Zoltan's Company and 2x Guard (260 scraps) → Barclay Els (200 scraps) → Munro (800 scraps) → Zoltan Chivay (800 scraps) → Zoltan: Warrior (800 scraps)

Congratulations, you have crafted the strongest tribal deck in Gwent. Dwarfs provide excellent value in both long and short rounds and a healthy balance of engines and pointslam. This allows you to adapt to any given situation.

Gabor Zigrin (800 scraps) becomes a necessity after crafting all these Dwarfs. Alternatively, buy Thronebreaker if you want a good story while getting Gabor for free.

The Harmony package (2730 scraps)


Along with 2x Skirmisher and 2x Marauder from the starter deck, Harmony decks use Chariot and Berserker from the initial crafts as well as the whole powerhouse crafts trio. Harmony generally plays some of the starter set golds such as Pavko Gale, Ida and Milaen. The Poison package (below this one) is also an integral part of Harmony decks.


Crafting order: Water of Brokilon (800 scraps) → 2x Elven Swordmaster (160 scraps) → Fauve and Dryad's Caress (830 scraps) →  1-off Panther, Smuggler and Half-Elf Hunter (140 scraps) → Barnabas (800 scraps)

Water of Brokilon is the bread and butter of Harmony decks, spawning 2x Dryad Fledgling, a pesky 4 power engine with Harmony. Fauve is a tutor for Nature cards, including Water of Brokilon. Panther grants you the Beast tag and Smuggler offers the Human tag along with the starter decks' Pavko Gale.

Barnabas Beckenbauer (200 scraps) is a power bomb, perfectly synergizing with the Harmony-oriented playstyle. While he costs only 200 scraps, you can get him for free if you purchase Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales on GOG.

The Poison package (260 scraps)


These three units will offer both Harmony synergy and a potent source of removal, provided that your opponent doesn't run Purify. Provision-wise, they are easy to slot into any ST deck, granting you some paramount removal. This package benefits from the recent buff to Call of the Forest, making it very reliable.

Additional worthy crafts


Skellige (SK) used to have numerous viable archetypes and ranked amongst the most powerful factions. While it is still a decent and certainly a fun-to-play faction, it has been usurped from its throne by more versatile factions like Northern Realms, Scoia'tael and Syndicate. Skellige is, however, one of the most beautifully designed and thematic factions, hence we can only recommend new players to try and wrestle with it, as it feels very rewarding to master. We strongly suggest focusing on Second Wind as it is simply the best leader ability currently.

Ability ranking: Patricidal Fury = Second Wind > Ursine Ritual = Reckless Flurry = Onslaught > Sacrificial Vanguard

The universal package (1040 scraps)


2x Svalblod Priest (2x 80 scraps)
Synergies: Drakkar, Dracoturtle, Harald's pals etc.
Crafting priority: Essential

The strongest engine in Skellige that provides abundant synergies to any deck. If left unanswered, Svalblod Priest can win the round. A must-craft regardless of your leader.




2x Armored Drakkar (2x 80 scraps)
Synergies: Raiding Fleet, Svalblod Priest and Butcher, Terror Crew Plunderer, Raging Bear etc.
Crafting priority: Essential

Priest's partner-in-crime. When you manage to combine these two cards, they create one of the most threatening engines currently available in Gwent.



Raiding Fleet (200 scraps)
Synergies: Any ship
Crafting priority: Essential

Pulls out an essential engine, thins your deck and plays for higher value than its provisions? Definitely the best addition to Skellige in the Iron Judgment set. The goal is to eventually cut all other bronze ships from the deck so that Raiding Fleet will always pull your Armored Drakkar.


2x Terror Crew Plunderer (2x 80 scraps)
Synergies: Armored Drakkar, Harald's pals, any unit with Berserk or Armor
Crafting priority: High

A very strong 4 provision addition to Skellige, Plunderer has quickly become a staple in Skellige decks due to the good value. Synergizes Berserk and Armor and the most common use is on Armored Drakkar, where Plunderer plays as a wholesome 7 for 4.


2x Raging Bear (2x 80 scraps)
Synergies: Armored Drakkar, Harald's Pals, any unit with Berserk or Armor
Crafting priority: Medium

Similar to Plunderer but for 5 provisions, Raging Bears have the bonus of a high base power body. On top of playing for 8 value with Armored Drakkar, they provide carry-over for Hjalmar an Craite.


Harald Houndsnout (200 scraps)
Synergies: Second Wind, Svalblod Priest and Butcher, Terror Crew Plunderer, Raging Bear, Olaf etc.
Crafting priority: Low

A proactive play that puts decent points on the board, while providing numerous synergies within the faction. With the introduction of Armored Drakkar, Houndsnout is no longer the staple card he used to be. Nevertheless, he is still a craft worth considering.

Olaf and Knut (1600 scraps)


Synergies: Each other, Second Wind, Sigrdrifa's Rite
Crafting priority: Essential

Craft those two cards together, as they have amazing synergy. Olaf and Knut offer good removal, above-provisions value and are tough to answer. While they aren't reliant on leader synergies, you can resurrect Olaf in later rounds with Sigrdrifa and potentially use Second Wind on Knut the Callous.

The powerhouse crafts


Hjalmar an Craite (800 scraps)
Synergies: Second Wind, Raging Bear, Olaf, Jutta etc.
Crafting priority: Essential once you acquire some of his synergestic cards, High otherwise

Hjamar provides a flexible removal option that allows you to take out the key engines. While not synergestic per se, his value scales with the power of units in your graveyard.



Morkvarg: Heart of Terror (800 scraps)
Synergies: Second Wind
Crafting priority: Essential

Morkvarg outright wins some matchups, for example against tall Monsters. Boosted units are currently very prevalent, making Morkvarg an insanely powerful card.




Hemdall (800 scraps)
Synergies: Patricidal Fury and An Craite Greatsword
Crafting priority: High

Hemdall is a strong tool that can be used to seal a Round 1 that has dragged out for too long. He is just as effective in a long Round 3. Granting the much-needed firepower, Hemdall has become a staple card. He offers a couple of nice synergies, most notably with Arnjolf and Greatsword.

The Alchemy package (1460 scraps)


Crafting order: Jutta and Sigrdrifa (400 scraps) → 2x Mardroeme and Ermion (860 scraps) → Gremist (200 scraps)

Mardroeme can be used on Armored Drakkar or Dracoturtle, which makes your Jutta a solid 12 for 8. She can later be resurrected by Sigrdrifa's Rite, the other res targets are Olaf or Covenant of Steel. Feel free to throw in 1 copy of Freya's Blessing from the starter set. With 4 different Alchemy cards, Ermion becomes a powerful tutor. Gremist is invaluable thanks to his Purify ability, allowing you to bypass Defenders or get rid of Bounty, Poison, Lock or Bleed.

Additional worthy crafts


Monsters (MO) received numerous quality additions with Iron Judgment, making it one of the most divergent and intriguing factions in Gwent. Blood Scent, Death's Shadow and Arachas Swarm are all viable, while Fruits of Ysgith offer a respectable fourth alternative that synergizes with many of the cards in the starter deck. Due to the simple and powerful nature of Blood Scent and Death's Shadow, our suggestions will primarily focus on these two decks.

Ability ranking: Blood Scent = Death's Shadow > Arachas Swarm > Fruits of Ysgith > Force of Nature = Carapace

The initial crafts


There will be an overlap between the Vampire package and the general recommendations that are about to follow. Protofleder and Katakan are respectable cards even outside of the Vampire tribal synergy.


Yghern and Golyat (1000 scraps)
Synergies: Ozzrel, indirectly Cave Troll
Crafting priority: Essential

The MO starter deck has Ozzrel, so it makes perfect sense to craft more big boys to accompany Speartip: Asleep, also ensuring that Ozzrel won't fight for food with Ghouls. While there are risks associated with both Yghern and Golyat, they simply provide too much value relative to provisions to ignore and synergize very well with Cave Troll.


2x Endrega Larva (2x 80 scraps)
Synergies: Taller units that proc the Thrive
Crafting priority: Essential

Basically Nekkers with armor. Endrega Larva has quickly become a staple in all MO decks, providing two powerful Thrive engines that either demand a quite cumbersome answer or they accrue value far above their provision cost.



Katakan (200 scraps)
Synergies: Tall units to proc Thrive, Orianna
Crafting priority: High

As one of the stronger proactive plays within the faction, Katakan is a versatile card and has become a staple for many MO decks. He synergizes with big boys, as well as with the Vampire archetype.



Protofleder (200 scraps)
Synergies: Tall units to enable Dominance, Orianna
Crafting priority: Medium

Along with Katakan, Protofleder is amongst the best MO cards from the Crimson Curse expansion. His Dominance is easy to assert and he stays outside of tall punish range, while offering decent value and potential engine removal.



Toad Prince (200 scraps)
Synergies: Damage and bleeding to set him up
Crafting priority: Medium

A lot of engines are on 3 power, Toad Prince can consume them while achieving above-provisions value. He is a safe and valuable addition to any Monster deck when you face a lot of engine decks.

The powerhouse crafts


Cave Troll (800 scraps)
Synergies: Protects vulnerable tall units from removal
Crafting priority: Essential with Yghern and Golyat, Medium otherwise

In and of itself, Cave Troll is rather unassuming, but he shines in protecting Yghern and Golyat. He trades up to all Purify units and thus presents a very impactful craft.



Naglfar (800 scraps)
Synergies: Dandelion: Poet
Crafting priority: Medium

A powerful tutor for only 9 provisions, Naglfar guarantees access to golds. It gets better with each strong gold card added to your deck, making it an essential later craft, but only of medium importance early on.

The Vampire package (1880 scraps)


Crafting order: 2x Garkain and Portal (260 scraps) → 2x Nekurat and 2x Alp (220 scraps) → Orianna (800 scraps) → Queen of the Night, Armored Arachas and Gael (600 scraps)

This package forms the backbone of Blood Scent Vampire decks, along with Katakan and Protofleder. It revolves around a Bleed-oriented attrition style with Orianna as the crucial engine, providing insane value if unanswered.

For this reason, the Vampire package as a whole is only viable with Blood Scent. Because of Portal into Garkains, you can't play other 4 provision units and so you will eventually have to craft Feast of Blood and Natural Selection. Your average Blood Scent deck also needs the big boy package and Cave Troll.

The Deathwish package (4180 scraps)


Crafting order: 2x Harpy Egg, Manticore and Miruna (1160 scraps) → 2x Foglet, 2x Endrega Eggs and Warrior,
2x Slyzard and 1x Barbegazi (620 scraps) → Caranthir (800 scraps) → Dettlaff and Kayran (1600 scraps)

Deathwish decks with Death's Shadow ability finally rose to prominence with Iron Judgment, offering a mixture of raw value, tempo and control. Along with the big boy package of Yghern, Golyat and Ozzrel, Death's Shadow decks often run Cave Troll to protect them. Miruna and Manticore ask the opponent some very difficult questions and are sometimes tough to play around. The package is challening to pilot, but it's certainly strong and rewarding to play.

Keltullis (800 scraps) is another incredibly good, but an expensive card. She is the crucial answer to swarm decks and you can manipulate the board state with your consume units. This makes Keltullis a great and essential craft. Buying Thronebreaker and getting her for free is also an option.

Additional worthy crafts


Writing: Nimraphel and Wusubi

Consulting: Atrsharpe, Hippotompotomus, Jaggerous and Thekeyer

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