Gwent Crafting Guide

Coming into Gwent can be a daunting experience. The various leaders and factions are not truly covered by the tutorial, making it hard to discern which factions you should spend your scraps on and how to build your first deck.

This guide will give you some pointers on what cards are worth crafting. Our Meta Report can be used as a reference to the best decks in the meta, something you should aim towards with your crafts. If you are on a tighter budget of around 400-500 scraps, check out our Budget Decks.

Graphics: WellMax81
Writing: Wusubi, Nimraphel and Minuano
Last update: August 21, Patch 7.1

We evaluate the crafting priority using the following legend: Essential > High > Medium > Low.

While a low priority card might seem a bit discouraging for a craft, the rating should always be viewed in a wider context. Each card comes with a brief explanation. We are including cards that are primarily geared towards helping new players with achieving success.

Thus, there is an emphasis on Midrange cards or mildly synergistic cards that provide you with decent value on their own. Be it in terms of the actual points or consistency and versatility they offer. As a newcomer, meta decks are relatively far off. Besides, the meta changes monthly. Our priority is giving new players a good foundation of functional cards.

Lastly, our crafting guide contains several packages within each faction. Those may seem daunting in terms of scrap costs, but can usually be gradually built. They provide insight into which synergies are powerful and worthy of pursuit, thus also providing you with insight into the game’s deeper mechanics.

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