Meme Deck – Shield NR

Welcome everyone! The Ranked season is ending soon, which means it’s meme time. Today, Minuano and I, atrsharpe, are bringing you a deck made by our content creator Misterhabbla1, focusing on the one and only King Roegner. It’s a fun list, which both Misterhabbla1 and I brought along to the Partners tournament with some success.

We appreciate your meme suggestions, please send them over to us on our Discord. If we draw inspiration from one of your ideas, we'll be sure to credit you. Enjoy, and stay safe friends!

Let’s delve into the deck then and pull it apart. Obviously the meme part is King Roegner and he should be your finisher, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. You’ll want to try and win R1 so that Roegner doesn’t get punished at all in R3 by forfeiting last say and putting him at the mercy of tall punish.

War Elephant - Decent card to secure Round 1 with, or a great finisher in a short R3. Tall punish is cheat. Also a secondary pay-off card for your shields.

Queen Adalia - More shields! She can protect Redanian Archer which is convenient.

Keira Metz - Very solid value card if you manage to find a suitable place to play her.

Engine package (Priscilla, Shani, Vysogota, Donimir, Anna Strenger) - This is what your long R3 looks like. Vysogota behind Defender can get out of hand, as it can be difficult to shut down.

Vissegerd - Massive pay-off for all the boosting you do.

King Roegner - Your big finisher and the primary pay-off card for all of your shields.



- Strong in a long round with the engine overload package

- Flexible leader ability, giving access to any card in the deck, also enabling Vysogota into Donimir in one turn



- Geralt: Yrden

- Weak to any form of tall punish

- Inefficient at defending a bleed without using the leader ability



- Lady of the Lake, Prophet Lebioda, Reynard Odo

- You can also try to make a build with Uprising and Royal Decree. It will not only be greedier, but also not being able to play Defender and Vysogota in the same turn hurts your long round by a wide margin.

In order to win Round 1, you can commit War Elephant, granting you solid 16 points if positioned correctly. Anna Strenger, Windhalm of Attre and Keira Metz are also perfectly valid commitments. If you manage to win R1, go for a long R3, since the engine package will be extremely potent in the lengthiest possible round. That combined with King Roegner last say should be enough to out-point your opponents.

Otherwise, you have to try and survive the quite likely bleed in R2 - thankfully cards like War Elephant and King Roegner can offer a lot of points in a short R3, which means getting bled isn't the end of the world. Your leader targets will likely be Vysogota of Corvo, Priscilla, Shani, Donimir of Troy or whatever golds you’ve got left in the deck. On a whole, the deck isn’t hard to pilot. Misterhabbla1 already has a video on it, so you can check it out:

Here's an example of how the deck performs when things go right:

Thanks for sticking with us until the end. Feel free to join our Discord if you have any questions. Lastly, we thank and give the credit to our very own Misterhabbla1 who came up with the deck. You can check his YouTube channel here, and his Twitch channel here.