Meme Deck – Regis Scoia’tael

Hey everyone! Atrsharpe and Minuano are back once again and we’ve got a more familiar meme card this time - Regis; the ultimate row punish. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we jump right in.

We appreciate your meme suggestions, please send them over to us on our Discord. If we draw inspiration from one of your ideas, we’ll be sure to credit you. Now lets get started!

The game plan for this deck is relatively straight forward. The basic idea is to try and win the first round with the help of your "balanced" Harmony and the notorious Poison packages, go into a long R3 and then set up a massive row for Regis using Malena, your Leader Ability and your ping engines, and ultimately sweep that row clean with him in a most stylish fashion as your opponent (most likely) watches with mouth agape and utter disbelief.

Regis - the man of the hour. Also your primary win condition.

Water of Brokilon - the main source of points on your side of the battlefield. Can be used to acquire round control.

Malena - pushes your opponent’s units onto the same row to help make your Regis combo even better.

Maraal, Dryad Ranger, Whisperer - the Poison package for taking out bigger units.

Treant Boar, Pavko Gale - Your ping engines. Use these to try and set up your Regis.



- Strong long R3 if you manage to set-up a solid Regis.

- Can relatively easily contest R1 and doesn’t completely fall apart if it gets bled in R2.

- Able to consistently form up the ideal R3 hand due to numerous consistency cards at your disposal.



- Not being able to set up Regis in a long R3 can cost you the game.

- Despite having Figgis, if your engines are dealt with you will have a difficult time setting Regis up.

- Weak short R3, especially since your leader should be considerably weaker than your opponent’s.




- Barnabas Beckenbauer, Miner → Weeping Willow, Percival

- Nature’s Rebuke, Bowman → Vrihedd Dragoon, Dryad’s Caress

Try to mulligan for your Poison package or gain access to Water of Brokilon in order to be able to contest the first round; you can rely on either to carry you in R1.

The deck is considerably weaker than the average Harmony list if it doesn’t get a long R3, but you can always piggyback on Water if you didn’t spend it in R1 to help you out in defending a bleed. If you’re on Blue coin and you don’t think that you can contest the round, try your best to at least force a long R3 if you can’t get last say. You can pass at 7 cards if you suspect that your opponent cannot make the point gap in a single card, which stops them from bleeding you.

The deck does not feature any Sentinels although it is using the Precision Strike leader ability; the reason being that first of all you do not run The Great Oak, which makes running Sentinels considerably less appealing and secondly that you almost never get the Deathblow on them, since you’re supposed to be using them to set enemy units up for your Regis and not kill stuff.

Try not to mulligan away your bronze elves, as you prefer your Isengrims Council to consistently find Malena if possible. Remember that you need to keep your Figgis, Malena, and one ping engine - preferably Pavko - for your R3, as they will help you set up Regis. And last but not least, try to have fun!