Mahakam Seasonal Mode

The season of Mahakam is well-underway and with it we got a new Seasonal mode. The rules are very straightforward, whenever you play a unit or artifact, it gains Resilience. In this guide, Andasama will assist you with building your

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Cat Seasonal Mode

Season of the Cat is well underway and so Andasama and Wusubi are back at it with their spicy guide for Seasonal Mode. The rules are fairly simple: every 2 turns the players switch their hands. You play your own

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Dryad Seasonal Mode

Andasama and Wusubi are back again with another Seasonal guide. Season of the Dryad has a very intriguing ruleset. At the end of each turn, all your odd-value units get damaged by 1, while the units with even-value get boosted

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