Master of Disguise Ardal

Hey guys, Atrsharpe here. As one of the new content creators for TLG, I've suggested the idea to publish a meme deck each month. The goal is to utilize cards and combos that don't see play, in an attempt to make Gwent more enjoyable, especially if you're frustrated with the meta. This will be my first guide, and if it's well-received, hopefully not the last!

With not long to go before the Iron Judgement expansion is released and the meta changes, why not have some fun for the remainder of the season? I've got a very interesting Nilfgaard deck for those of you who crave for a breath of fresh air. The leader of choice is Ardal and the deck revolves around Master of Disguise. I cannot stress this enough - it isn't meant to help you with climbing the pro ladder. If you're still with me, let's dig into it. Note: "MoD" stands for Master of Disguise.

As I mentioned above, this deck is not build with the intention of climbing pro ladder, but it works on the regular ladder and in the casual mode. The aim is to get as many MoD's on the field as possible and wreaking havoc on your opponent. To achieve this, you want to use Operator on the MoD in your hand and then seize the MoD that was summoned to your opponent's side of the board with Ardal. As a result, you will have two MoD in one turn, which is very difficult to answer. In the build-up to this finisher, you want to thin your deck, just to ensure you get all the necessary cards you're after.



- Despite being a meme deck, it is infuriating to play against due to the surprise factor

- Has a decent matchup against Francesca, Greatswords and almost all Monster decks due to the number of tall units involved

- Even if the MoD combo doesn't get full payoff, the rest of the deck can put up a fight, simply take advantage of your removal



- There are a lot of bad matchups: Syndicate, control Nilfgaard, some Northern Realms, basically any deck that uses engines over tall units

- Draw dependent, you need to have both Operator and MoD in your hand for Round 3, otherwise they will be very underwhelming cards

- You will definitely struggle whilst getting bled, so try to knock down your opponent's hand size as much as you can in Round 1 to put them off the bleed

This deck works much better in a long round, especially if you can win Round 1 and get the last say. Generally, the last unit your opponent plays is their big finisher, so the final say helps with yoinking that power for yourself. One important thing to note is that you shouldn't restrict Ardal to only using him on MoD with your Operator finisher. The deck plays 8 tactics, allowing you to yoink a unit with 5 power. It really depends on the circumstances of the game, as MoD obviously won't be very useful in certain matchups.

Portal + Fire Scorpions - Classic combo that not only thins your deck, but also summons two engines that the opponent needs to deal with. Personally, I would hold off until a long Round 2 or 3 to use Portal, but it's your call.

Operator + MoD + Ardal - Use Operator on MoD and your leader to have 2 copies of MoD on the field. Note that MoD has an Order ability without Zeal, so make sure this is your last but one play. Also, MoD is Melee-locked, so keep the count of how many units you have in the row.

Assire + Menno + Muzzle - A classic Nilfgaardian play. You can use Muzzle earlier into the round, put it back in the deck with Assire and then pull it out again with Menno.

Artorius + Impera Brigade (or MoD) - Playing Artorius to thin your Brigades is a very common play. However, due to the inclusion of MoD, this deck is running 4 different bronze units. This results in the glorious 75% Artorius, who might lowroll and not show you the Brigade. In that case, go for MoD or Scorpion, forcing the opponent to use removal on a 1 point unit.

Hefty Helge - This card is a double-edged sword. If your opponent doesn't have an answer, Helge can win you the round. With that said, it can just as easily play for 4 points and get locked.

Treason - Amazing for punishing unaware Scoia'tael players who stack their Dryad Fledglings and Milva on the same row. If you aren't finding too much value with Treason, you can upgrade it to Bribery and downgrade Runestone to Ointment. Bribery gives you another target for Menno and Assire.

Dazhbog Runestone - A fun card to play. It can be insane when you highroll Slave Infantry, Viper Witcher or another MoD. Additionally, it can provide you with a proactive play.

Nilfgaardian Knight - Other than being a great 7 point opener when acting first, you can also use Knight to boost up your MoD target. The big downside is playing into Bounty.

About atrsharpe

Alex, aka atrsharpe is a 17-year-old student who'd much rather be enjoying Gwent than writing his psychology essay. After replaying the Witcher franchise one too many times, he was absorbed into the world of Gwent. He started when Syndicate was released and climbed all the way up to pro rank, followed by reaching the top 400 in the next season. Alex hopes to find a girlfriend or eventually become a Gwent pro. Whatever comes first.