Magic Seasonal Mode

Hey everyone, TLG's Andasama and Wusubi here. While we are hyped for the Syndicate faction coming on 28th of June, we still have a week left to play Season of Magic and its Seasonal Mode. It allows you to complete contracts very quickly and thus you can reap reward points to unlock what you need in the upcoming expansion.

In Season of Magic Seasonal Mode, the first special card you play in each turn gets played twice. This leads to a simple idea of filling your deck with effective special cards, while keeping the deck-building restriction of 13 units in mind. It is also important to remember that when you play a Create card, or tutor two units from your deck, the first card that you choose gets played second and vice-versa.

We put together a concise list of the best cards, as well as a few decklist examples. Skellige sucks in this Seasonal Mode and will be omitted. This is a great opportunity to win some matches with Anna Henrietta, Francesca and even Calanthe.


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