Draconid Seasonal Mode

Hey guys, TLG's Andasama and wusubi will try to guide you through the fresh Season of the Draconid Seasonal mode. First of all, the crazy ruleset of this Seasonal is that you have only 8 seconds to complete your turn and 15 seconds to complete the redrawing phase. This means that similarly to blitz and bullet chess, the mode will reward you for being able to perform under pressure and planning ahead quickly. The most important part is that our cherished archetype, known by most as "Pointslam" is the absolute top tier in this mode. Since the mode is obviously highly APM-intensive, factions like Syndicate - which is based on Fee units to use their coins - won't be nearly as good as Pointslam Skellige.

In this mode, engines that do something automatically at the end of your turn are great. You usually won't have the time to use complicated Order or Fee cards. The main examples of good engines would be Anna Strenger, Temerian Drummer and Reinforced Trebuchet in Northern Realms and the wonderful Svalblod Priest + Heymaey Protector combo in Skellige. Cards that do something each time their condition is met are also very powerful, the best examples are Nathaniel Pastodi, An Craite Longship, Nauzicaa Sergeant or even Sly Seductress.

With having only 8 seconds available per turn, cards that chain multiple actions can be a liability without proper planning. If you want to play a card like Naglfar, make sure you decide what pulls you're looking for a turn ahead. Cards that interact with the graveyard like Hjalmar an Craite or Ozzrel can be planned in the previous turn by checking the placement of the unit you want to consume/throw in the graveyard. Some animations take too long regardless of your efforts. For example, avoid trying to play Novigradian Justice twice with Franscesca.

As far as the leader and order animations are concerned, try to use them after you have played your card in the given turn. The exception is when you need to use a charge to setup the card you're about to play, such as Harald Houndsnout's ping on a skull to kill a 4 point engine with a Svalblod Ravager. Try to capitalize on each turn in the best way possible, mostly by using your less APM-intensive turns to plan your future turns. 8 seconds are actually enough to not rope out if your deck is built accordingly and you're paying full attention to the game.

We have been playing Seasonal extensively for the last couple of days and we're happy to share a few deck ideas with you. Keep in mind that this mode is about having fun and farming reward points. This certainly isn't supposed to be a "tier list." Feel free to tinker with each deck and change it to your liking!

Last update on 19th of August

  • Added Cleaver, Dana, Eldain and Harald