Dryad Seasonal Mode

Andasama and Wusubi are back again with another Seasonal guide. Season of the Dryad has a very intriguing ruleset. At the end of each turn, all your odd-value units get damaged by 1, while the units with even-value get boosted by 1. Units with the Immune tag don't get affected by this rule (for example Milva and Frightener).

Skellige can make great use of odd-value units getting damaged by 1, due to potent engines like An Craite Greatsword and Heymaey Protector. Arachas Queen has by far the most powerful Seasonal deck. Since all Arachas Drones die and respawn at the end of your turn, Vran Warriors and She-Troll of Vergen have an infinite value ceiling if left unanswered. Scoia'tael and Northern Realms can easily take advantage of their even-value units getting boosted due to engines like Mahakam Defender and Tridam Infantry. Units that have Harmony or Inspired tags naturally synergize with the ruleset. Nilfgaard can rely on Hefty Helge, tactics and Nauzicaa Sergeants combined with Assimilate engines and Create cards.

The recently buffed Triss with the addition of some versatile bronze specials can be put in many decks in order to counter the engine-reliant and heavy boost-oriented decks which are very popular in this Seasonal. On top of offering you an extra copy of crucial neutral specials such as Dimeritium Shackles and Stammelford's Tremors, she can also utilize the powerful faction-specific specials like Freya's Blessing or Arachas Nest.



This card has never seen play, but it's useful in Dryad Seasonal. Acting as a reliable counter to Arachas Queen, when you time this card properly, you can also double-dip on the board-wide damage it deals to the enemy units due to the odd-value rule. Additionally, Tremors can get ridiculous in a Skellige deck with Greatswords, essentially punishing opponents for playing units.




While Dimeritium Shackles (combined with Triss) are common, most decks try their best to fit in Artefact Compression as well. Similarly to Tremors, this card finally found its use. The ability to both lock and reset the likes of She-Troll and Dagur Two Blades, Compression is a cheap card which can deny the crucial threats.





Furthermore, due to the greedy nature of this mode, any tall punishment card will obviously be strong. Don't be shy with putting cards like Geralt of Rivia or Ulfheddin into your deck, as they won't have trouble with finding their expected value. In the spoilers below, you can find a few deck ideas for each faction. We will update the guide in the near future, as we test more decks and leaders. Most importantly, we are trying to come up with something playable for Syndicate, so stay tuned.