LoR Budget Decks

Hello everyone, Daylt0n and Froggy here. We have received many requests from newcomers, asking us what their first cards to craft should be and so, we decided to give you a few deck ideas to get you started. Usually, new players want to craft a solid deck right off the bat, so they can start progressing for a minimal initial investment.

This is why our goal was to come up with lists that you can confidently play in the first tiers of the ranked ladder for under 6000 shards, with nothing more to start than the base collection every player gets. We have also tried to create decks that explore different playstyles, so you should find one that matches your personal preference within our list.

Enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to drop in our Discord to get in contact with us.

Writing: Froggy0, Daylt0n
Editing: Minuano, ShadowplayRed, Wusubi

About the Base Collection


After you launch the game and complete the first few tutorials, you will be given 3 starter decks for free: “Buff and Tuff”, “Death and Spiders” and “Spells and Stealth”. These 3 decks each combine cards from 2 different regions and cover all of the 6 original regions in the game.

In addition to the 3 decks, after a few days of logging in to the game, you will receive additional cards (including 2 copies of Ashe) and a 4th deck using some of the cards you already have will appear in your collection: “Freeze and Decay”.

We would recommend that you play a few games against the AI with the decks so you can start learning the cards and understand how the game itself works. However, apart from Death and Spiders which is decently put together, I would advise you against playing them in a PvP match.

Most of the cards themselves are reasonably good, but the decks provided are devoid of synergy, which is why you should start working towards your own first deck as soon as possible. Instead of “upgrading” those starter decks, we decided to create completely new ones from scratch, using your whole starting collection as a basis.

Cost of the Cards and Crafting Priorities


In Legends of Runeterra, acquiring cards is very easy and there are many ways to get your collection started. By playing the game and completing quests, you will gain experience that will earn you progress towards the region rewards path you chose. At each step, you will be given cards from this region, along with wildcards and/or shards. You can also get those by playing in the expedition game mode, or by opening your weekly vault every Tuesday.

In addition to the cards you get from the free loot boxes, you can craft the cards you want in your collection, by spending either wildcards of the same rarity (which can also be purchased with real money) or a certain amount of shards: A card at the common rarity (green) costs 100 shards to craft, a rare (blue) 300, an epic (purple) 1200, and a champion (golden) card costs 3000 shards.

As you can see, epic and champion cards are quite expensive, which is why we won’t use them much (if at all) in the decks we have prepared for you. Don’t worry though, they are not mandatory for your deck to be powerful.

When working towards the completion of a deck, use your wildcards before your shards and choose the reward path from the region you need cards from!

Our Budget Decklists


The cost we calculated for each of the following decks is the theoretical maximum amount of shards you would have to spend to build them from nothing but the base collection. If you take into consideration the wildcards you can use, the cards you can open in loot boxes, and the fact that multiple decks reuse the same cards, the real cost of the decks would be even lower than this. 

To make your life easier, you can copy the deck codes to your clipboard, and in the “decks” section of your collection, click “import deck” to add the deck to your list. When opening it, you will directly see the cards you are missing, and have the opportunity to craft them.

And now, without further ado, onto the decklists:

Concluding Remarks


We hope that these lists will help you get started in your Legends of Runeterra journey. Once you have more experience with the game and you have figured out what kinds of decks you enjoy playing, feel free to check out our meta snapshot for some additional competitive content! -Froggy and Daylt0n