Crownsplitters Review

Welcome to our second Syndicate card review focusing on the Crownsplitters gang, led by none other than the infamous Carlo “Cleaver” Varese. Written by Hippotompotomus and Pajabol. While you’re at it, you can look at our reviews of the other

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MEETING ON GWENT MASTERS RULES UPDATE FOR SEASON 2 02 JUNE 2019 / 07:00 PM CEST / TLG Discord TEAM LEVIATHAN GAMING: ShadowplayRed (Team Manager), BeardyBog (Competitive Manager), wusubi (Content Manager), KingChezz93, Alessio1996, Green-Knight, aifBowman TEAM ARETUZA: Green Cricket (Team

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Nilfgaard Cards Review

Welcome to the next installment of TLG’s Crimson Curse card reviews. This article is a collaboration between SirLoathing and Orphantears. Nilfgaard has received powerful tools with the new cards, but lacks the general cohesion that other factions have. This has

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