Tidecloaks Review

Welcome to our very first Syndicate card review. In this series, we will take a quick look at each gang and their leader, starting with Tidecloaks. Written by Andasama and Orphantears.

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Gudrun is a perfect leader. She has a one time use that grants you 9 coins. Any excess amount gained will be used as a boost on an allied unit of choice. Her ability synergizes very well with every Coin-spender like the Borsodi brothers. She also enables The Flying Redanian and makes your Bincy Blumerholdt insane.




Bincy Blumerholdt is the crucial part of every Gudrun deck. She boosts herself for the amount of coins you gain, should it be with Gudrun's ability or any engines. Bincy is your big play, making up for the fact that your Coin-generating engines don't put any points on the table directly. She plays into tall removal, but when the opponent doesn't have an answer or the last say, she can run away with the game easily.



Sukrus is a dual-faction card for SK and SY. He can be used with Dimun Light Longship, essentially working as a worse Heymaey Protector. His secondary use is engine protection. While he can't stop your engines from being removed directly, he can come in handy against leaders who rely on using their damage pings like Crach and Eithné. Unfortunately, Sukrus is overcosted and thus won't see much play.

Imke is the only gold engine in the set that produces coins. Not only does she provide a consistent income, but for a fee she can protect herself with a shield. Imke is the best engine for producing coins and fits very nicely into any hoard-based deck such as Gudrun. While she can be moved out of Ranged to deny her effect, a 5 point body isn't that easy to remove, especially with the shield. Imke can equal out her provision cost if she lives for just one turn and her ceiling is incredible.

Hvitr and Aelydia work similarly to Imlerith, but on steroids. Their conditionality is also easier to meet since your opponent can't interract with your coins. Pretty potent long round engine for hoard decks that can generate a lot of value if unanswered.

Hammond is a dual-faction card for SK and SY. He obviously synergizes very well with Pirate/Ship-based decks that are yet to be seen. He is a finisher that rewards an established board.

Tavern Brawl is a cheap Crime that allows you to force a duel between 2 adjacent enemies. The best targets for this card are units that follow the "Fibonacci spiral." Should you get to force a duel between a 5 and an 8, you get 12 value. The next best and most common scenario is dueling a 3 with a 5 for 7 value.

Dip in the Pontar is a flexible Crime card. On top of acting as cheap removal, it is also a way to gain quick coins. This card is an amazing addition to any Cleaver deck.

Sewer Raiders can be compared with NG's Impera Brigades. Easy-to-meet condition, 6 value and the very crucial thinning. Sewer Raiders only cost you 10 provisions, which is awesome.

Tidecloak Hideaway is the last dual-card for SK and SY from the Tidecloaks set. With the Novigrad expansion, we get quite a few new pirates, which makes this card a strong early-round play within the archetype. Hideaway can boost cards such as Dimun Light Longship out of removal range.

Sea Jackal can easily find a place in every deck thanks to his very low provision cost and high point ceiling. He is wonderful in Gudrun decks, as he presents a way to utilize leftover coins.

Fence is a solid card, providing hoard decks with a nice way to benefit from their built-up coins. She puts a massive amount of points on the board. If you choose the vitality route, make sure that you get as many procs as possible. Fence quickly became popular in King of Beggars and is also decent in Gudrun decks.

Tidecloak Ransackers are another decent 4 provision bronze. Often being a 6 for 4, this card is nice for any Pirate/Ship deck.

Eventide Plunder is just an outright better Dimeritium Bomb. You can run this card in a meta where artifacts are prevalent. Having the option of gaining 3 coins instead is a nice back-up, but obviously not the ideal way to use this card.

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