Scoia’tael Cards Review

Hey everyone, this is BeardyBog. Today we'll be looking into the new ST cards from the expansion. As a man that has never really liked ST before, the new leader Dana has really changed that for me. She brought much needed deck diversity and engines so that ST is no longer forced to play control. ST also got some lovely Dryad additions.

Dana Méadbh plays a Scoia'tael faction card from your deck, depending on how many different categories of ST cards you have in your starting deck. This is a powerful ability, as she can be strong in both long and short rounds. She can fetch you a much needed engine or a finisher. There's a total of 12 different categories of Scoia'tael cards. Elf, Dwarf, Dryad, Human, Gnome, Beast, Dragon, Treant, Trap, Nature, Tactic and Alchemy. Let's say you decide to play 10 unique categories. You can then pull up to a 10 provision card with Dana, such as Barnabas Beckenbauer. 

Fauve might be the best addition to Scoia'tael. Paired with Water of Brokilon, she creates 2 engines and thins your deck while looking fantastic. What else do you need? The downside of this combo is that it costs 18 provisions. It's a huge commitment to the round. People will try to force it out of you before Round 3. You can combo this play with Dana's ability, pulling another powerful engine like Milva or Treant Boar at the same time. This procs the Harmony effect of Dryad Fledglings, boosting them to 4 power, out of reach of Gimpy Gerwin.

Units with Harmony boost themselves by 1 whenever you play a Scoia'tael unit with a unique primary category.

The Great Oak is similar to Old Speartip. It offers plenty of points and is meant to be a finisher. The problem with this card is that many Dana decks are engine based and in turn don't have enough provisions left to include it. More so, this card is meant to be used in a long round. It isn’t necessarily the worst in a shorter round, but for 13 provisions you would expect a little more. Sadly, Great Oak currently isn't popular.

Weeping Willow seems okay on paper for its provision cost, but it doesn't see that much play. ST doesn't really have any synergies with Shield or Vitality. You don't want to boost it with Ithlinne Aegli either since you have better targets in cards such as Sheldon Skaggs. Weeping Willow might be stronger in the future with more supporting card additions.

Treant Boar is the most reliable of the Treants. Serving as the equivalent to NR’s Botchling, it's a threatening engine. This card is hard to remove. Combined with other damage dealing cards, it can pose as a serious removal threat itself.

Sirssa is another great card ST has received this expansion. Amazing voiceline, which everybody adores. Some removal, but most importantly carryover, which works perfectly with Sheldon Skaggs. On top of that, she also has Harmony, so she’s included in the vast majority of Dana or Eithné decks.

Treant Mantis: Stalk doesn’t see much play, as the poison archetype is quite weak. However, the card is pretty decent on its own and it could be a valuable addition to any deck that plays multiple traps, but more so Brouver than Dana.

Treat Mantis: Strike is 6 points. When you aren't playing it for poison synergy, you can flip it right away if you suspect artifact removal. Otherwise playing it as a trap is a nice way of essentially throwing the initiative back to your opponent.

With the absurd nerf to Witchers, Brokilon Sentinel is an auto-include since thinning is more important than ever. Combined with Mahakam Volunteers, you can thin quite nicely and as I like to say, thinning is winning. Great card.

Dryad Matron is such an incredible card. On top of being a Bronze engine which ST needed so much, she has synergy with Dol Blathanna Sentry. If they stick, you’re generating 2 points per turn. This card sees a lot of play in Dana decks.

Apart from the astonishing art, Forest Whisperer looks like a pretty bad card. ST has no real synergy with shields and as I said before, the poison archetype is lacking. Unfortunately, this card is my vote for one of the worst from the whole set.

Dryad Ranger is such a babe... I mean, I really could watch this card all day. However, the poison archetype is sketchy. This card is underwhelming overall. It needs more support.

Dryad's Caress is being run as a second target for Fauve. It's pretty weak on its own, but sometimes it might find niche value like unlocking your Treat Boar, which can be game deciding. Overall a very fair, but boring filler card.

Running Bronze copies of Dryad Fledglings on top of the Fauve and Waters of Brokilon combo only plays into Gimpy even harder. This card has some potential as it's a cheap engine. The problem is that it just dies too easily.

Dryad Grovekeeper can find 5-6 value, but she's conditional and can be awkward. There are stronger 4 provision cards to play in Scoia'tael. With Dana, you also have a very limited amount of spots for all the different categories.

Thank you for reading and I hope you've enjoyed the review, hopefully even learned something new. If you have any questions, you can join our Discord server at

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