Gwent Journey Guide

Hi everyone, Lorakko here! As a new content team member for TLG, I decided to introduce myself with a review of the Gwent Journey. We will talk about some basics at first and then proceed to calculations regarding Journey's efficient completion and its economy as a progression system.

I have prepared an interactive calculator for your personal Journey experience! Play with it and find a Journey scheme tailored to your needs. Making your own copy of the Google Sheet is advised, as on the public copy you may experience your data being deleted or overwritten by other users.

Basic Journey Mechanics


To fully understand the new system, you need to know something about its core parts, so that you can use the bonuses offered in-game in the most effective way to boost your progression. I will explain everything in the following accordion. You might find some of these obvious, but it's a full guide, so feel free to skip the parts that don't interest you.

Journey Time Efficiency


In this section, I would like to talk about the possible ways of finishing your Journey. I will focus on the 3 main policies for spending money (F2P, Premium, Fast Travel) and I will suggest 3 different playstyles for each option (playing every day, playing 5 days a week, playing on weekends only).

Each model assumes that you want to finish the Journey just in time before it ends. They present a minimal number of games that you have to play, split equally between the chosen number of days with Gwent every week. This is supposed to give you the general idea of how hard it is to complete the Journey. For planning your very own experience, I strongly recommend using my interactive calculator where you can configure a plan that suits your needs.

I'm also making an assumption that you win 50% of your games and that you don't lose 0:2 often enough to count losses that won't give you any crowns. All this to present you an estimated number of games (and rounds) needed, as thanks to Slama's post we know that the average game of Gwent takes 12 minutes. Based on that, I can calculate the time needed to complete the Journey in different models (such as F2P vs Battle Pass).

We are 1 week into the Journey, but I will run the numbers for full 12 weeks in the accordion below, and I will assume that we are at the first level of our adventure. If sheer theory doesn't interest you, I once again recommend skipping this part and checking out the calculator.

Resources and Generosity of the Journey


Many people have accused CDPR of forcing a "pay-to-progress" policy by changing the previous progression system into the Journey one. First of all, the old system will come back for everyone who finishes the Journey (or when the time is up). Secondly, you can only compare the time you need to finish the Journey (depending on the way you play) with the same time frame for the old system.

The most common argument was that there are fewer reward points to be gathered throughout the Journey completion than it was possible during the old times. This is true in some cases, but only when specific conditions are met.

Most of the time, Journey is more generous in terms of reward points. You miss out on the so-called lesser daily rewards (15 units of ore, scraps or meteorite powder) but you are compensated with a lot of new trinkets. You can find a detailed comparison of the two systems in the following accordion.



Journey is an incredible addition to the game. It is fresh, endearing, well-thought-out and easily accessible for everybody. To fully enjoy it, you must know what you're dealing with and how to use it. I hope that this article and the calculator that supports it will help you on your path.

To wrap it all up, I would like to thank the Gwent team for creating this game and constantly improving it. Big applause for Jason Slama, Burza, Alicja, ThorSerpent and many other CDPR employees on the community front line, who have the guts and the patience to stand with us even when some people are eager to whip out their pitchforks, often unnecessarily, as it recently happened. Cheers!

If you have any questions, catch me on the TLG Discord. -Lorakko