Ofir Card Review – ST & NR

The sudden release of the Merchants of Ofir expansion was a pleasant surprise to everyone. We've got over 70 new cards, enabling some interesting combos for each faction. CDPR have introduced Stratagems, which are the new alternatives to Tactical Advantage, making the deck building process more compelling. Scenarios are the new threatening Artifacts that also affect the way you can build your deck, with the aim of empowering the weaker archetypes.

Our content creators made sure to write down their initial reactions to all of the cards from the expansion, bringing you a swift card review. To kick things off, Minuano will look at Scoia'tael and Northern Realms. Eager to discuss the expansion? Feel free to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/uSUSJZr

Part 2: Monsters & Skellige
Part 3: Nilfgaard & Syndicate
Part 4: Neutrals & Balance Changes



The ST cards from the new expansion seem to be revolving around improving Harmony and the previously nearly non-existent Deadeye Ambush (Traps) archetype. Elves got a lot stronger in general.


Stratagem: Aen Seidhe Sabre
Power rating: 4.5/5

Quite probably one of the best faction Stratagems. It allows you to play 2 small Elven bodies, procing Harmony and synergizing with other cards which benefit from Elven bodies. For example the faction scenario - Feign Death and older cards like Yaevinn and Isengrim Faoiltiarna. Overall an incredibly solid alternative to Tactical Advantage and a must-have for Elf-oriented decks.


Scenario: Feign Death
Power rating: 3.5/5

Scenarios are extremely prone to artifact removal and for that very reason, building a deck around them doesn't feel like the wisest decision for the time being. That said, Feign Death can be very powerful if left unchecked. The progression is tied to playing Elves, which is one of the easiest conditions to meet. Feign Death can be worth 15 points on its own and aside from the synergy with Yaevinn and Isengrim, the value it generates when played alongside of Vernossiel is just absolutely bonkers.


Power rating: 4/5

This card could possibly be the push that Deadeye Ambush (previously known as Eldain) needed to become a force to be reckoned with. While Vernossiel's value mostly relies on her Melee Deploy ability, even in Ranged she plays as a 11 for 12. Combined with Feign Death and other sources of Deadeyes, she can make for some serious amount of points and removal. However, these expensive cards will make your already draw dependant Deadeye Ambush deck even more highrolly.


Power rating: 5/5

Already good at the initial 7 for 7 with 3 removal, add to that the broken synergy with the duo card - Muirlega - and it becomes pretty apparent that there's very little justification for Etriel to cost a mere 7 provisions. With the potential cap of 11 for 7 value, the 7 damage can have more value in the long run.



Power rating: 5/5

Has the invaluable Beast tag for Harmony and plays for at least 7 for 7. When paired with Etriel, the value can go up to 13 for 7. I'm just going to let you draw your own conclusion from that.




Nature's Rebuke
Power rating: 4/5

Looks like an amazing addition to Harmony decks and a strictly better alternative to Alzur's Thunder. The Nature tag empowers your Fauve and you can even get 2 extra points if you happen to have a Treant like Weeping Willow on the board.



Vernossiel's Commando
Power rating: 3.5/5

The condition isn't particularly hard to meet for any deck built around Elves. A bit overpriced at 5 provisions, considerding that it comes down at 4 health if the condition is met. An average engine that could end up seeing some play in Elf-based decks.



Vrihedd Saboteur
Power rating: 2.5/5

It's essentially a worse Dwarven Agitator for Elves. The Elf tag is valuable when you're advancing Feign Death and its handbuff protects cards such as Vernossiel's Commandos. But even then, there are much better Elves to play.



Trained Hawk
Power rating: 5/5

Trained Hawk is insane for how many things it does all at once, a Scoia'tael Army knife if you will. Beast tag, Harmony tag and the choice between damaging or moving an enemy all in one. Extremely flexible and the ideal upgrade to Vrihedd Dragoon.

Northern Realms


The new NR cards are re-introducing Shields as an archetype with a touch of love for Siege Engines. Both archetypes were long-forgotten, so this expansion finally breathes some new life into the faction.


Strategem: Engineering Solution
Power rating: 4/5

Directly synergizes with the Shields archetype and since it isn't technically removable, it can be used to set up a War Elephant. Potentially worth more than 5 points.




Scenario: Siege
Power rating: 3.5/5

Incredibly valuable if it sticks and sees its full potential. When played for full value, it should be around 20 points on average, which is fantastic for 14 provisions. With that said, most of the currently available Siege Engines aren't exactly top tier cards. Morever, Siege doesn't integrate that well with the other focus of the new NR cards - the Shields archetype.



War Elephant
Power rating: 4/5

Pay no heed to the ambigious wording, as War Elephant gets boosted even if it damages Shielded units. Very easy to set up, synergizes with Shielded units in Immortal Cavalry, Immortals as well as Kaedweni Cavalry. On the downside, it's expensive and plays dangerously into tall punish. Being a Siege Engine, War Elephant helps with the Siege Scenario.


Power rating: 4.5/5

A very strong synergy with Damned Sorceress, which is the only effective way of procing its ability. But if you choose to play King Roegner, it ensures that Immortals will always play for at least 8. Only downside being that if activated multiple times, they play into tall removal.



War Chariot
Power rating: 4/5

The movement part is relevant quite often, would be better if it could move allied units. Other than that, it's a Siege Engine that plays for 9 value. Great tempo with a nice effect in disabling any row-locked engine while potentially applying the Bleed. Chariot also makes your Reinforced Trebuchet much better on average.



Immortal Cavalry
Power rating: 4.5/5

Single-handedly sets up two adjacent Shields for War Elephant and it's a 6 for 6. Moreover, it also has the Soldier tag, meaning that cards with the Crew keyword like Siege Tower or Battering Ram can be placed inbetween the Cavalry, immediately procing their respective abilities.



Boiling Oil
Power rating: 3/5

Another power creep on Alzur's Thunder, this time with the Warfare tag. We are still trying to figure out the point of its Deathblow effect. Is it supposed to counter Keira Metz? Nevertheless, it's a Warfare card, which offers some synergy with John Natalis and cards that have the Ressuply tag.



Power rating: 2.5/5

A very boring card. The Crew ability is hardly ever relevant, so at best it's a 7 for 5. Being a Siege Engine is of course a plus, since that helps with progressing the Siege Scenario.




Siege Ladder
Power rating: 4/5

For 4 provisions, Siege Ladder is a solid card. It can help with repositioning your row-locked cards after your opponent has moved them. The Crew bonus and Siege Engine tag are neat.