Gwent Meta Report #9

Hello everyone and welcome to our 9th meta report,

Despite the hotfix, Mystic Echo (Francesca) Dwarfs are still a powerful force. We have also seen the rise of Harmony decks. Thanks to their new ridiculous golds, Syndicate is more threatening than ever. Pincer Maneuver (Calanthe) engine-based or Midrange variations are the way to go for Northern Realms. Inspired Zeal (Foltest) with Draug still hasn't lost its charm.

With more support to Deathwish, Monsters can finally utilize Death's Shadow (Unseen Elder). The same thing can be said about Blood Scent (Dettlaff) and Arachas Swarm. Nilfgaard relies on Enslave (Ardal). Skellige has finally made a comeback. Armored Drakkar is a powerful engine when combined with Svalblod Priest, resulting in a potent Second Wind (Eist) deck.

Under each faction, you can find optimized decks, the power rating and a brief summary of their strengths, weaknesses and possible considerations. If you have more questions, feel free to join our Discord server:

I hope to see you again when the meta shifts! -Wusubi

Editing: Wusubi

Writers: Andasama, Atrsharpe, Gerard, Gravesh, Green-Knight, Hippo, Jagdulf (Nxsd), Pajabol, SpyroZA and Thekeyer

Consultants: Aifbowman, Alessio1996 and BeardyBog

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