Gwent Meta Report #30

Welcome to our 30th meta report! The “nerf” to King of Beggars didn’t change much and SY continues to reign supreme. While Assimilate and Battle Trance are in a good spot, Guerilla Tactics took a huge hit with the nerf to Milva: Sharpshooter. As such, the green faction is barely worth mentioning.

With ST out of the picture, we could see the return of NR and MO decks, namely Inspired Zeal, Blood Scent and Carapace. SK still has some greedier options like Rage of the Sea and NG players have a compelling reason to play Tactical Decision after the buffs to Roach and Knickers - be it Hyperthin or Cloggers.

We will update the report regularly in order to provide the community with a spot-on representation of the current meta. You can join our Discord if you have any questions.

Graphics: WellMax81
Editing: Wusubi, ShadowplayRed, Sebodunum
Writers: Andasama, Avades, EuronCrowsEye, Gravesh, Lorakko, Oliveira, Pajabol, Qnerr, SpyroZA, Zubedoo
Consultants: Bantonio, Cyberz, McP0yle, SpecimenGwent