Gwent Meta Report #27

Welcome to our 27th meta report! With Fruits of Ysgith out of the picture, some of the older decks such as Reckless Flurry, Reveal and Duels have managed to bounce back. Lined Pockets and Assimilate are still the top dogs, while the red faction doesn’t have too many options after the nerfs to Relicts.

After some experimentation with White Frost, it appears that the only thing MO players can do is to drag Arachas Swarm out of the retirement home. ST can still rely on the spell-oriented Precision Strike deck with a cheeky Alzur twist.

If you dislike the control approach of Reckless Flurry, SK has another option in Battle Trance, which is the polar opposite, relying on its raw pointslam. Inspired Zeal is of course the go-to leader ability for NR, be it Duels or Commandos.

We will update the report regularly in order to provide the community with a spot-on representation of the current meta. You can join our Discord if you have any questions.

Graphics: WellMax81
Editing: Wusubi, Sebodunum
Writers: Cyberz, McP0yle, Pajabol, SpyroZA
Consultants: Andasama, Gravesh, Lorakko, Qnerr