Gwent Meta Report #21

Welcome to our 21st meta report! With Viy out of the picture, the meta feels fairly healthy and balanced. Carapace seems to be the most popular choice for MO, while SK can rely on Ursine Ritual Warriors. Despite the nerf to Novigradian Justice, Deadeye Ambush is stronger than ever. Nature’s Gift also seems to be a solid option.

Other than Masquerade Ball, NG has a few more degenerate decks to indulge in. The two hottest candidates are a Kolgrim deck with Ciri: Nova, and a Madoc deck utilizing Letho: Kingslayer. NR players can choose between two antithetical decks; Uprising Witchers for the pointslam approach, and Shieldwall as the engine-overload alternative.

SY is having yet another disastrous season, thus we have to recommend abandoning the faction for the rest of the month. Nevertheless, we’ve included Congregate as the only somewhat competitive deck that SY has to offer.

Saber97 has prepared a quick video overview of the meta report, going through all the decks and tiers. Check it out here!

We will update the report regularly in order to provide the community with a spot-on representation of the current meta. You can join our Discord if you have any questions.

Graphics: WellMax81
Editing: Wusubi, Sebodunum
Writers: Anda, Gravesh, Minuano, Pajabol, Saber97, SpecimenGwent, Spybie, SpyroZA, Thekeyer
Consultants: Avades, Bantonio, Green-Knight, Lorakko, Qnerr