Gwent Meta Report #19

Welcome to our 19th meta report! With Rage of the Sea nerfed and the Season 2 of Gwent Masters nearing its conclusion, we’re seeing more variety in pro rank. NR players can choose between Shieldwall with Viraxas and Mobilization Revenants. ST can either utilize Precision Strike to wipe out the opposing units or go for a more proactive approach with Nature’s Gift.

MO are soaring in popularity this month, playing many variations of Overwhelming Hunger. SK Warriors are still playable, however Lippy and Gedyneith both made a comeback. The nerf to Passiflora wasn’t as bad as expected, so SY can opt for Hidden Cache or the Swarm-based Firesworn deck. NG is so flawed that even Masquerade Ball can’t hope to save the day.

We will update the report regularly in order to provide the community with a spot-on representation of the current meta. You can join our Discord if you have any questions.

Graphics: WellMax81
Editing: Wusubi
Writers: BeardyBog, KingChezz93, Minuano, Pajabol, Saber97, SpyroZA, Thekeyer
Consultants: Bantonio, Gravesh, Green-Knight, McP0yle, Qnerr