Gwent Meta Report #13

Welcome to our 13th meta report,

Scoia'tael is of course still the faction to beat, with Precision Strike as the leader ability of choice. The rework of Passiflora is much better than we anticipated, leaving Syndicate in a great spot. Blood Money is a competitive alternative to Wild Card. Skellige is back in full force after the massive buff to Wild Boar of the Sea.

With multiple nerfs to Poison, Nilfgaard has opted for the classic Imperial Formation list with Damien, Stefan and Ramon. The downfall of Pincer Maneuver and the recent meta shift allowed Blood Scent to yet again become a competitive deck. Northern Realms have some options in Mobilization Siege and Inspired Zeal Draug.

Under each faction, you can find optimized decks, the power rating and a brief summary of their strengths, weaknesses and various considerations. If you have any questions, please join our Discord:

See you again when the meta shifts! -Wusubi

Editing: Wusubi

Writers: Andasama, Gravesh, Hippo, Minuano, Pajabol, Spiderchicken9, SpyroZA, Thekeyer

Consulting: Aifbowman, BeardyBog, Green-Knight, McP0yle, Saber97

For the tier friends


Tier 1: Precision Strike Harmony, Blood Money

Tier 2: Precision Strike Hybrid, Wild Card, Second Wind, Patricidal Fury, Imperial Formation, Blood Scent, Inspired Zeal

Tier 3: Mobilization Siege, Enslave, Arachas Swarm, Tactical Decision

Updated on February 24

  • Added Blood Scent

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