Gwent Meta Report #12

Welcome to the update of our 12th meta report,

As the season progresses, we are starting to realize that relying on Radeyah isn't necessarily the best way to build decks. While Scoia'tael dominates the meta and Mystic Echo is regarded as the deck to beat, there are some efficient counters. Northern Realms had no choice but to adapt, evolve and can now overcome the green overlords with the help of Draug.

Nilfgaard utilizes Tactical Decision with Aristocrats and Masquerade Ball, or Imperial Formation with Damien and Stefan. Syndicate still plays Wild Card and Graden, opting for Passiflora or Midrange. Monsters and Skellige continue to fight for the title of the worst faction in the meta. That being said, both factions can offer a somewhat functional deck.

Under each faction, you can find optimized decks, the power rating and a brief summary of their strengths, weaknesses and various considerations. If you have any questions, please join our Discord:

See you again when the meta shifts! -Wusubi

Editing: Wusubi

Writers: Alessio1996, Gravesh, Green-Knight, Minuano, Pajabol, SpyroZA, Thekeyer and Yangtse42

Consultants: Anda, BeardyBog, Gorflow, Hippo and Saber97

For the tier friends


Tier 1: Mystic Echo, Siege Draug

Tier 2: Draug Radeyah, Pincer Siege, Precision Strike, Wild Card Passiflora, Tactical Decision, Call of Harmony, Wild Card Tinboy, Mobilization Siege Shupe, Imperial Formation

Tier 3: Second Wind, Lockdown, Blood Scent, Death's Shadow

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