Gwent Meta Report #11

Welcome to the update of our 11th meta report,

The Radeyah infestation of the pro rank continues. Pincer Maneuver Siege is the most popular deck for Northern Realms. After a long time, Scoia'tael has more toys to play with than just Mystic Echo. The new expensive Elf cards made for a nice Call of Harmony deck. Precision Strike is still fairly prevalent. You probably noticed the recent rise of Usurper, as Lockdown is the only reasonable answer Nilfgaard could come up with in this greedy meta.

Skellige is somewhat competitive with their Gedyneith finisher. Syndicate took a massive hit, but managed to come back with two different versions of Wild Card. After unfruitful experimentation with Death's Shadow, Monsters have settled for Blood Scent Vampires without Portal and a consume-based Fruits of Ysgith deck.

Under each faction, you can find optimized decks, the power rating and a brief summary of their strengths, weaknesses and possible considerations. If you have more questions, feel free to join our Discord server:

See you again when the meta shifts! -Wusubi

Editing: Wusubi

Writers: Alessio1996, Andasama, Gravesh, Minuano, Pajabol, SpyroZA, Thekeyer and Yangtse42

Consultants: Gorflow, Green-Knight, Hippo and Saber97

For the tier friends


Tier 1: Mystic Echo, Call of Harmony, Pincer Maneuver Siege

Tier 2: Pincer Maneuver Midrange, Imperial Formation, Wild Card Midrange and Passiflora, Lockdown, Precision Strike, Blood Scent, Mobilization

Tier 3: Enslave [5] Control, Strategic Withdrawal, Second Wind, Fruits of Ysgith

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