LoR Meta Snapshot #7

Updated on June 22 - As the game will soon receive an update and the meta hasn’t shifted much this week, we updated the snapshot instead of writing a brand new one. None of the previous ratings have changed, but we modified the order in which we “rank” some decks of equal ratings. More importantly, we removed Ezreal-Vi Freljord and added 4 new decks.

Welcome to TLG’s seventh meta snapshot for Legends of Runeterra, a series in which we give you our insight on the most represented decks in the higher ranks of ladder.

Every Monday, we discuss the decks that are part of the week’s meta and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. We also look at the evolution of said decks’ ratings across weeks and draw conclusions regarding the current state of the game, all of this so you can delve into your own ranked journey with a head start.

We are starting to see a bit less diversity in the decks that are being played right now, as people are figuring out the best version for each archetype. This process is still ongoing for Ezreal though, and three lists containing our favorite explorer are roaming around, even though they are not quite as popular as most of the decks occupying the top spots.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop by our Discord. We will catch you next week for a new analysis.

Writing: Froggy0
Editing: Wusubi, Sebodunum, Minuano
Consultants: Daddys Home, RiceFT, Saucekay, Taytwo38, Ultraman_CCG, Zezetel

Elusive Burn (4.25 stars) 


This deck combines two of the most beloved archetypes, Burn and Elusive. What could go wrong? The core of Crimson Disciple and Imperial Demolitionist makes for an amazing early game pressure tool, and this deck pushes the concept even further by adding Retreat and Navori Conspirator to the mix.

The sheer amount of Nexus damage will catch more than one opponent off-guard, and the Elusive package will ensure they never come back in the game!

Rating change: +0.5 stars


While still wreaking havoc in Asia, the deck is slowly planting its roots in the western servers as well. It punishes any deck that can’t deal with its threats early enough.

MF-Sejuani and Tempo Endure don’t have reliable ways of stopping the Elusive onslaught, nor the Burn finishing touch. Having a favorable matchup against such omnipresent contenders, Elusive Burn deserves to be crowned king this week.

Tempo Endure (4.25 stars) 


Coming back from the dead is a common theme on the Shadow Isles, so it's no surprise Endure crawled back from its grave so soon after the nerf to Brood Awakening. Featuring a more aggressive core and fewer defensive tools, the deck drops its “anti-aggro” hat for a more proactive one, forcing your opponent to handle your board. By doing this, they are walking right into your trap, as they are helping you build a gigantic They Who Endure that will cause their demise!

Rating change: +0.25 stars


While it can be inconsistent at times, the deck’s high-rolls are crazy enough to justify a spot at the top of the snapshot. Tempo Endure can put an incredible amount of pressure on the board with the correct card combination in hand.

Not only can the deck get its opponents under 10 HP by the third turn, its mid/late-game is also very potent because of Neverglade Collector and They Who Endure.

MF-Sejuani (4 stars)


This list makes use of the “looting” package, which is one of the best options available to Bilgewater in the current meta but differentiates itself from just another Kleptomancy deck. Warning Shot, Make it Rain and Miss Fortune help you work towards Sejuani’s level-up while enabling strong Plunder cards.

Once Sejuani hits the board, your opponent had better have an answer to her, because they won’t get a single point of damage from their units for the (usually very short) rest of the game.

Rating change: +0.25 stars


Last week, Sejuani’s play rate was off the charts, and she was featured in no less than 4 decks in the snapshot. Although her popularity has not declined one bit, the diversity of the decks she appears in has.

The Vladimir version, the Teemo version, even the Ashe version to some extent, are disappearing in favor of the strongest archetype that exists for Sejuani currently: the combination with Miss Fortune. The deck is great against most of the meta, but it suffers from its terrible matchup against Elusive Burn.

Heimer-Vi (4 stars)


Donger’s back, but this time he has found himself a new partner in Vi, who’s ready to destroy Midrange players. Be careful, as once your HP gets too low, the pressure starts to get to her head. Keep an eye on Burn decks, as they tend to catch her off-guard. It’s not all about Vi though - don’t sleep on Donger for the extra pressure and the combo comebacks on Turn 5!

Rating change: -0.25 stars


With Tempo Endure and MF-Sejuani being so popular, the deck struggles to keep up with its opponents most of the time, being faced with more threats than it can handle early on. Surprisingly, Heimer-Vi can do quite well against Elusive Burn. On top of that, the deck is still a good counter to Sea Monsters, which is why its rating didn’t go down too much.

Sea Monsters (4 stars)


If you enjoy having explosive turns where you can jam tons of huge units, you should definitely play this deck! It aims to survive the early game with healing while working towards getting deep by tossing cards. Once you get there, you can stabilize the board using big sea monsters and put your opponent on the clock when Maokai levels-up. However, as with great power comes great mana cost, Will of Ionia can prove to be a serious threat.

Rating unchanged


With lots of healing and some Challenger cards, Burn matchups are a walk in the park for this deck. This makes it a very strong candidate if you start facing too many Elusive Burn players during your climb. That said, the deck can get run over by other aggressive decks with sturdier units before claiming control of the board.

Bannermen (3.75 stars)


This deck embodies the concept of Midrange, dominating the early/mid-stages of the game and closing it out through sheer board presence. Cards with the Challenger keyword, alongside buffs, allow you to make favorable trades to win the early game. From there, the deck will snowball, quickly turning into an unstoppable force.

Rating change: -0.25 stars


Bannermen lists are becoming less and less popular by the day. In order to survive, they had to become more aggressive, so they fused with their old rivals: the Scout decks.

Kinkou Elusives (3.75 stars)


Do you like the aggro playstyle? Do you feel frustrated because your opponents keep blocking your minions, preventing them from reaching their rightful place? Worry not, my child, for this deck is the solution to your problem.

How to play the deck? Step 1: Play Elusive units and attack with them. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit. Don’t forget to block your opponent’s minions with your non-Elusive cards and race them down in a true battle of wits.

New deck


Known by many as one of the best decks back in Open Beta, Kinkou Elusives is starting to make a comeback and it is still performing well, being faced with few decks capable of blocking their cards.

Thresh-Lux (3.75 stars) *NEW*


Mages are everywhere, even inside your very deck. Mageseekers and Lux surprisingly share a similarity, as they both profit from 6+ mana spells. Vengeance, Remembrance, Brood Awakening and Unyielding Spirit help you with activating them, while successfully protecting your cards and creating ways to handle the opponent’s threats!

New deck


This list from Warit Musikawong has been performing quite well lately. It reintroduces Brood Awakening to the meta after its nerf to 6 mana, as the card now works much better with the Mageseeker core.

TF-Ezreal (3.5 stars)


Ezreal and Twisted Fate make for a great duo, dealing with most threats with their arcane shots and wild cards combined. Make it Rain and Riptide Rex’s ability both counting as targeting effects help with Ezreal’s level-up. The constant pressure from the card-stealing package and Ezreal’s late game damage should deal with the opposing Nexus. Never hesitate to drop an early Ezreal, as you’ll need those extra Mystic Shots!

New deck


Out of all of the Ezreal decks in the snapshot this week, TF-Ezreal is probably the strongest in the current meta.

Teemo Burn (3.5 stars)


Burn is the most aggressive deck in the meta, able to close games out by Turn 5. The deck has gained a lot of power with the inclusion of Imperial Demolitionist and Noxian Fervor, making it more consistent than ever. However, one thing hasn’t changed: if you don’t manage to win the game by Turn 7, you’re most likely going to lose.

Rating unchanged


Being more aggressive than Elusive Burn, the deck has a favorable matchup against our king of the week. However, if you are trying to snipe the latter, you are better off playing Sea Monsters as it tends to crush both Elusive and Teemo Burn.

Frostbite Midrange (3.5 stars)


Frostbite Midrange fights for the board using its minions and freeze effects, the latter working nicely with Culling Strike and Reckoning. Since most of your units will reach 5 power due to their natural stat line or buffs from Omen Hawk and Avarosan Hearthguard, the board clear will do more harm in the opposing ranks than in yours.

You also have the opportunity to draw a million cards with Trifarian Assessor, who will help you refill your hand in no time. In the late game, a leveled-up Ashe combined with some Frostbite effects will prevent the survivors from blocking, often giving you the win.

Rating change: -0.25 stars


The deck is still strong, but will often be outpaced by most contenders in the current meta. Culling Strike is a nice answer to Heimerdinger and Ezreal and should be used wisely to come out on top in the control matchups, which can also prove a bit difficult.

Karma-Ezreal (3.5 stars)


This deck’s aim is to stall out the game by removing enemy units, allowing you to survive and work towards your Ezreal’s level-up condition. Once he’s flipped, combine him with a leveled-up Karma to burst the opponent from 20 to 0 in only a handful of spells. Even if you failed to flip your Ezreal, Karma can provide enough damage for lethal by duplicating spells.

Rating change: -0.25 stars


The classic Ezreal deck. It is doing a bit worse this week, as the meta is becoming a bit too aggressive for it.

Swain-TF (3.25 stars) *NEW*


Packing a varied suite of damage-based removal, Swain is always leveled-up by the time this control deck can deploy him. The combo of Swain and Twisted Fate was first introduced by Gvuardya, went on to take down Twitch Rivals in the hands of DogDog, and has shown itself to be a real meta contender.

Between chip damage, card draw, and finishers that turn the corner quickly, ravenous flocks of players have been crafting The Leviathan just to play this deck.

Returning deck


The deck disappeared from the meta for 2 weeks, but it seems it is getting popular again, with a fairly new list including the good old Kleptomancy package.

Ashe-Lux (3 stars) *NEW*


Finding its way into NA ladder after seeing play from BBG, Ashe-Lux Mageseekers is a deck made to counter the insanely popular Endure deck through cards like Purify, Detain (from Mageseeker Investigator) and Frostbite effects. While Ashe and Lux don’t synergize with each other, they work well with the rest of the deck to establish a commanding board state.

Stabilize the board by taking good trades with the help of your freezes or just slam Unyielding Spirit onto one of your champions or Radiant Guardian. As with all decks that run Unyielding Spirit, watch out for the infamous Will of Ionia.

New deck


This list is still quite new on ladder - it has good matchups against most Midrange decks and decks that don't run Ionia, and is fairly decent against Endure. We wouldn’t recommend using it to climb though, as it doesn’t do well against the king of the meta - Elusive Burn.

Bonus deck: TF-Jinx *NEW*


Spin, spin, spin to win. This deck has no equals when it comes to cycling its cards. By drawing so much every turn, you will buff your Astute Academic and Slotbot to infinity and beyond, and more importantly you will increase the odds of hitting the cards you need to keep going (which will often be your champions). Speaking of which, both Jinx and Twisted Fate are incredibly easy to level-up and will be the key to your victory, generating tons of value in the flashiest of fashions.

New deck


This deck from MegaMogwai has been soaring in popularity recently. Although it can get some very impressive draws, it is more of a fun deck to play than a ladder one.

Being very reliant on its champions, the deck will run out of steam if you don’t manage to keep them alive. Since you have no way of protecting them, your games will be decided by whether or not the opponent has an answer to your champions at the right time.