LoR Meta Snapshot #21

Welcome to TLG’s newest meta snapshot for Legends of Runeterra, a series in which we give you our insight on the best decks in the higher ranks of the ladder.

Every Sunday, we discuss the decks that are part of the week’s meta and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. We also look at the evolution of said decks’ ratings across weeks and draw conclusions regarding the current state of the game, all of this so you can delve into your own ranked journey with a head start.

Lee Sin continues to exert an unhealthy force on the meta, Tahm-Soraka proved to be a solid Tier 2 deck and SI control is slowly gaining traction. Shyvana and her dragon archetype has vanished. Deep with the addition of The Slaughter Docks has failed to make any impact on the meta. Ashe-Sejuani continues to dip in the ratings while Elusives and Heimerdinger are trying to make a comeback.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop by our Discord. Best of luck on your climb!

Graphics: WellMax81
Editing: Crixuz, Wusubi, Ultraman, Sebodunum, ShadowplayRed
EU Consultants: CastMin, Kuvira, Den, Zezetel
NA Consultants: GlopNA, Saucekay, RattlingBones, IPingUListen, Stan, NicMakesPlays