LoR Meta Snapshot #18

Welcome to TLG’s newest meta snapshot for Legends of Runeterra, a series in which we give you our insight on the best decks in the higher ranks of the ladder.

Every Sunday, we discuss the decks that are part of the week’s meta and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. We also look at the evolution of said decks’ ratings across weeks and draw conclusions regarding the current state of the game, all of this so you can delve into your own ranked journey with a head start.

This week we welcomed Earlmeister to our roster. We’re very happy to share his deck in the bonus section. The meta saw ASol-Trundle’s deck-building journey reach its zenith. We rarely rate any deck above 4.25 stars, but ASol-Trundle is truly in a class of its own and hence warrants a rating of 4.5 stars.

Ionia decks are also being played, mainly Lee Sin, as a response to Lee Sin’s recent buff. With the inclusion of Ionia comes the inclusion of Deny, which is extremely bad news for Warmother players. Warmother would have had a solid chance to reach the heights of Tier 1, but Deny has effectively brought it back down to earth.

Graphics: WellMax81
Editing: Crixuz, Wusubi, Ultraman, Sebodunum, ShadowplayRed
EU Consultants: Dartill, Kuvira, NicMakesPlays, Ultraman, Zezetel
NA Consultants: Earlmeister, Glop, IPingUListen, NicMakesPlays, RattlingBones, RiceFT, Saucekay