Karma/Ezreal Deck Guide

Hey everyone, it’s Daylton, bringing you TLG’s very first LoR guide. We’re going to talk about the infamous Karma-Ezreal combo deck, which is all about stalling the game out for as long as possible, to then close it out with a leveled up Ezreal. Karma allows you to Burst the opponent down from 20 to 0, using only a handful of spells. This is my favorite deck by far, incredibly fun to play and even more rewarding to master.



- A very consistent deck, having decent matchups across all archetypes

- Does not entirely rely on the Ezreal level up, Karma can win the game all by herself

- Has the ability to kill the opponent with a lot of Burst, rendering them unable to respond

- Outvalues most other control decks and is not forced to play proactively in most situations



- Has a hard time dealing with beefy minions, lacking single target removal at fast speed

- No big AoE removal makes it very vulnerable to aggro decks without the proper answers

The core cards:


Thermogenic Beam - A flexible removal tool useful at any point in the game.

Mystic Shot - A good early removal tool that can also hit face, making it a valuable burn spell.

Shadow Assassin - An auto-include in every Ionia deck. Decent body, elusive tag and cycling.

Ezreal - Our main win condition. The sole purpose of this deck is to have him level up and then Burst down the opponent in one turn with the help of Karma. Therefore, it is generally not advisable to play him until he is leveled up. Don’t worry, we’ll cover all of that later in the matchup section.

Get Excited! - Another burn spell that can also be used to remove your opponent’s threats.

Will of Ionia - A great tempo and pseudo-removal tool, which allows us to play around buffs.

Statikk Shock - Our main way to level up Ezreal, granting us 2 triggers at once, while offering card draw.

Chump Whump - Even with the HP nerfs, it’s still a great card. The generated Mushroom Clouds represent great Burst.

Deny - Phenomenal anti-control card. The shape of the current meta dictates the number of Deny copies you should be running in your deck.

Karma - Her purpose is to support Ezreal in Bursting the opponent down by double-casting spells. Karma can also be your win condition in matchups where you can’t level up Ezreal.

Yone, Windchaser - Another way to level up Ezreal, while also helping us to stall the game out, and providing a 6/6 body to top it off. Considering the mana cost, 2 copies are advised, with 3 being fine as well. Similarly to Deny, the number of Yone copies is a meta call.

As I mentioned above, our goal is to stall the game out and cycle into our combo pieces in order to kill our opponent in one turn. Remember, you also have to make sure to adapt the build to the meta as it changes.

That should cover the core cards. From here, we have two different approaches to building the deck: one that is teched against aggro decks and one that puts more pressure on the opponent by playing proactively.

Keep in mind these are just two of the many possible ways you can build the deck. Both versions worked particularly well for me in Master, after refining them over a large amount of games.

The Aggro-Teched Version




You can find a similar version to this in our first meta report, which can be found here. This version does particularly well against overly aggressive decks. Due to the inclusion of the Rummage/Jury-Rig package, you get a lot of chump block, along with discard targets.

Rummage is a cheap spell that helps you cycle through your deck, making it possible to find answers for the opponent’s threats early in the game. A little bonus is that it draws 4 cards instead of 2 once Karma is leveled up. This can be crucial, as it’s an efficient way of refilling your hand after a big turn.

We also run a copy of Health Potion, helping us survive the early turns by putting us out of range of the opponent’s Burst. Spirit’s Refuge allows us to force favorable trades, while maintaining board presence and additional healing. It also has a neat interaction with a leveled up Ezreal, healing you for 2 HP each time Ezreal gets to shoot the Nexus on spell cast.

The Proactive Version




This version performs better against less aggressive decks, by attempting to put a lot of pressure on the opponent early. With the inclusion of Solitary Monk, you’re getting in huge amounts of chip damage. Another copy of Yone is added to improve our open attack and to help level up our Ezreal.

The additional copy of Spirit’s Refuge helps us protect our units, especially Karma and Ezreal. Serving a similar purpose, one copy of Ki Guardian allows us to protect Karma when played a turn earlier than your leveled up Ezreal. This increases the odds of Karma surviving the turn, setting-up the Ezreal to finish our opponent off.



Click on the image below to see a detailed explanation of matchups that I have faced on the ladder on a regular basis.

In closing, I would say you cannot go wrong with playing this deck for the last several days leading to release day, when we are bound to see a ton of new decks. It’s currently the strongest Tier 1 deck and after the Bannerman nerf, I expect to see it rise to the top of our meta report with the upcoming update.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop by our Discord server and ask away. I hope this guide helps you with your climb to Master! -Daylton

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Daylton’s first card game was MTG, where he found joy in playing the limited format. Always being more into card games, he switched over to Hearthstone when its beta dropped in January 2014. Ever since then, he has been playing it regularly on the side, switching to Arena exclusively after hitting Legend to work on his deck-building skills until he managed to go infinite. Legends of Runeterra got him back into constructed due to an easily obtainable collection, where he grinded to high Master mostly playing greedy control decks. He’s excited to create content for the community and keep new players away from the dark side called aggro.

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