Meme Deck – Hyperthin SK

Welcome one and all to a new meme deck! This list comes from the Isles of Skellige, as the Skelligers have decided to embrace a tactic previously employed by the Nilfgaardians. I, atrsharpe, will let Minuano take over from here.

We appreciate your meme suggestions, please send them over to us on our Discord. If we end up drawing inspiration from one of your ideas, we'll be sure to credit you. Enjoy, and stay safe friends!

GLORY TO THE PILES! Fellow Skelligers have we got a treat for you this time. In this episode we’re gonna be exploring a Hyperthin approach but this time for SK! With the thinning provided by the leader coupled with the Discard package and some other tools like Raiding Fleet and Royal Decree, the deck can comfortably thin to 1.

The plan is to try and take the first round then push R2 as much as possible, using all of your thinning resources so that by R3 you will have only 2 cards left in your deck, one of which you can leader out, leaving you with only 1 card in the deck. At which point Yennefer: Divination and Triss Merigold come into play to rain fiery death on your opponent. 

Hemdall, Wild Boar of the Sea - These two should help you have the reach to win the first round. Try your best to use them in separate rounds so as to not run out of steam.

Coral - More than just a pretty face. As explained in the guide, best used with a couple of discardable 4 provision Specials in your hand.

Hammond - Solid tempo plus movement which is often quite valuable.

Harald Houndsnout - One of your few proactive plays. Try to save it if you suspect you would be forced into a proactive role soon.

Triss Merigold, Yennefer: Divination - Your finishers.


Strengths :

Solid amount of points in a short R3 with the correct hand.

The Discard package can produce a massive amount of tempo, making it suitable for abusing red coin and getting good R2 bleeds off.


Weaknesses :

-  Extremely weak if bled.

-  Hands can get awkward at times and you might struggle with proactivity if forced into that role.


Considerations :

- Dimun Light Longship → An Craite Longship

- Spores → Dimeritium Bomb, Crows Eye

In the ideal scenario you will mulligan in a way that the two remaining cards are Skjall and Jutta an Dimun. Then you will just jam your wholesome pay off cards for a ridiculous amount of points and smile as you clobber your opponent to the fourth dimension. Remember to use your mulligans cleverly, since you’ll be discarding about half of your deck you don’t necessarily want to throw away bad cards.

For example, Coral gains value off of you discarding your special cards, which is why you have a couple of 4 provision expendable special cards for that exact purpose. Which means that if you’ve drawn Coral you also want to have her respective Discard fodders (!), the low provision specials, in hand.

Additionally, try not to blow out all of your Discard synergy in one round. You will not have enough steam to keep you going in subsequent rounds. For instance, if you have drawn Morkvarg and possibly a Skirmisher in R1, it is usually not advisable to Discard both of them in R1 on blue coin unless necessity dictates because you can alternatively save them and use them for a more efficient R2 push.

If you don’t manage to get both Skjall and Jutta to be your last 2 cards in the deck, that is to say, you’ve drawn into one of them, at least force the other card to be a special since that way you will have guaranteed Triss and Yennefer value.