Hugebert Meve

Hey guys, SirLoathing here. Let's go ahead take a closer look at Hugebert Meve together. This deck has proven to be one of the strongest Northern Realms decks this season. When Crimson Curse releases, players will experiment with new archetypes. Meve Hugebert looks to be well positioned against many of the revealed Crimson Curse strategies. Meve's Leader ability provides resistance to Deathblow and NR engines outvalue the engines that have been spoiled at the moment of me writing this article. There are also new engines that bolster our Hugebert even further beyond.

Meve Hugebert wants to win Round 1 early and decisively to secure not only a long Round 3, but most importantly the last say. This allows you to play Hugebert as your secure finisher. You can often make a massive play worth over 40 points on your last turn in Round 3. This is accomplished by combining units with Damage Orders and Hugebert.

The most important skill when playing Meve Hugebert is being able to predict your opponent’s removal and finding an opening for your engines. Meve’s Leader ability aids you greatly. You want to use it to tailor your board to blank specific removals from your opponent. The most basic example of this is blanking Bloodthirst 2 from an SK deck.

Most of the time, I will pick a number (3 or 4) and use Meve’s ability to avoid presenting an engine with that power for the entire game. The vast majority of meta decks have a glut of removal that deals a specific amount of damage. It's hard to read into this at first, but you'll get the hang of it. Let's compare the following two sequences as openers.

  1. Correct sequencing: Arbalest with Meve buff → Witchers → Revenant with Meve buff
  2. Incorrect sequencing: Arbelest with Meve buff → Revenant → Witchers with Meve buff

If you sequence your engines and Meve charges properly, your opponent won't be able to answer your engines with cards that deal 3 damage. Generally, this is a much better strategy than dumping your Meve charges into whatever is available. Try to stay out of reach of the common removal. If you brick cards such as Slave Driver or Pirate Captain, that’s one more engine which survives. Even that one engine slipping through the cracks can carry the entire round.

Best of luck on the climb and if you have any questions, please contact me on Discord:

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