Celine Henselt

Heya everyone its Lance, your friendly neighborhood Celine Dion impersonator, here with a spicy deck just for you!

This Draug Henselt list, named after the greatest singer of our lifetime, is strong at winning R1 or resisting the bleed. If your hand consists of decent cards such as the Blue Stripes package, Caldwell and Draug, you can often easily win Round 1 while setting up your Necromancy target (a sweet 10 strength Revenant) and preserving your Leader ability.

The goal is to save Henselt and Necromancy for a shorter Round 3. Decks that can be troublesome to take Round 1 against would be Gernichora, Crach and Bran. If your hand isn’t good, you can pass at 7 cards and play bad bronzes. Your opponent might notice this and try to get a tempo pass. You can play an engine before they are about to pass and then simply play a a few bad cards to win the round. This deck is solid in longer rounds with Draug and Sabrina.

Round 2 can be tricky whilst being bled. Hopefully your hand consist of Caldwell and Draug. If so, you have a decent chance at saving your Leader ability. You can start with any engine and then try to get some humans on the board. Against Gernichora, the earlier you play Caldwell the better. Sometimes you must take a smaller Draug to make sure Caldwell doesn’t betray you. Now if you need to use Henselt in Round 2, don’t worry. You still have Necromancy on a 10 point Revenant. Once Henselt and Necromancy are blown, this deck lacks finishers. Try your best to not use both.

Round 3, in a ideal situation, you have Necromancy and Henselt active. You want to Necromancy asap vs Gernichora to play around Ozzrel. Against Crach or any deck with suspected tall removal, you generally try to delay Necromancy. Hanmarvyn’s Blue Dream isn’t that popular anymore. If you execute the combo, the game should be in your pocket.

Your priority mulligans in this deck are obviously Witchers and Roach. Then it’s the second Blue Stripes Commando, followed by naked Blue Stripes Scouts. You always want to keep one Revenant in the deck because it’s your primary Henselt target. Other mulligans include Prince Villem in Round 1 or Round 3 when he doesn’t have any good target.

Lastly, Gimpy Gerwin can be the deck killer. You usually try to force him out with Commandos and single Revenants. Sometimes, an early Draug might easily bait a pre-emptive Gimpy.

I’m currently at 2557 MMR and still climbing with this deck while I stream at https://www.twitch.tv/quillandlance

You can also follow my twitter at https://twitter.com/QuillandLance

This is my first guide so it may not be great, but thanks for reading.

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