Meme Deck – Aglaïs

Hey everyone! It won't be too long until the season comes to an end, so why not end it with some memes? Atrsharpe and Minuano are here again, although admittedly Minuano has done most of the work this time around. Without further ado, let's jump right into it with a Scoia'tael deck! If you have any ideas for meme decks, feel free to let us know on our Discord. Should we end up using one of your ideas in our next guide, we'll be sure to credit you!

We are trying to make yet another niche card functional. The card in question is the one and only Aglaïs (yes, the correct spelling is important, as you might otherwise find yourself looking at butterflies). Naturally, we wouldn't dream of playing Aglaïs without her obligatory counterpart, Syanna. The idea has been around for a while, but we tried to present it with a little spin. Our leader of choice is Dana (Call of Harmony) instead of the usual Francesca (Mystic Echo).

Aen Seidhe Sabre - Helps you with thinning out Aelirenn in Round 1 and synergizes with the Elf package.

Ithlinne Aegli - Expensive and very slow, but worth it if you manage to boost Aglaïs.

Radeyah - She has a lot of uses. Sometimes you need the Sabre to pull out Aelirenn, or to increase the reach of Yaevinn and Isengrim. In Round 3, you will usually fish for Tactical Advantage to boost Aglaïs.

Figgis Merluzzo - This is your leader target. Play Syanna and Figgis in the same turn right before you slam down Aglaïs. Figgis can potentially win you the match even if you didn't manage to get the last say.



- Healthy Midrange core of Harmony, Elf and Poison cards to secure Round 1 with

- Incredibly strong in a shorter Round 3, especially when Syanna sticks to the board



- Tends to fall apart if you failed to secure the last say

- The Elf package pay-off cards are weaker than usual, because the deck doesn't play Feign Death and Vernossiel

- Very draw dependent, even with Matta and the leader ability, you need to draw the required cards in the respective rounds



- While testing different decks, we came up with another version that doesn't rely on the Elf package and uses Water of Brokilon instead.

The suggested list can pull a Scoia'tael card with provision cost of up to 9. If you would like to have access to better cards, don't be shy to fiddle with the deck and try to fit in more tags. The game plan is rather simple. You have a very powerful Midrange core, allowing you to go hard from the start and win Round 1. Keep in mind that this deck can quickly fall apart in the absence of last say, especially in the current meta where tall punish is extremely prevalent.

Call of Harmony allows you to play Syanna from hand and then leader for Figgis to protect her as your penultimate play, right before you slam the Aglaïs for a quadrillion points. You might notice that we are running singletons with Radeyah. Feel free to explore other options with doubletons, however Radeyah's Tactical Advantage is basically 18 points on Aglaïs without Syanna and 23 points with Syanna. Try your best to use the Elf package in the same round, because these cards become increasingly worse as the round length shortens.