TEAM LEVIATHAN GAMING is delighted to announce the return of THE INVITATIONAL. In 2020, TLG’s ambitious event has introduced a new benchmark in both quality and scale for independent Gwent tournaments. With 100 players, across all major Gwent teams and broadcast in 5 languages, The Invitational was a great success.

In July 2021, The Invitational II will bring together more players and more teams, while maintaining the high production values that people have come to expect from TLG.

With a successful Open Qualifier out of the way, we are offering a Final Chance Qualifier taking place on May 1st and 2nd. For more details, join our Discord.

The qualifier will be 7 rounds of Swiss, 4 rounds on May 1st and 3 rounds on May 2nd. The Top 16 will be invited to the main event in July. Read the rules here.