TLG Founders

Managing Partner(Co-Owner)/Team Manager/Bossman

The story of Shadow starts interestingly enough with Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out…from that game until now in his CCG/TCG days, he has been competitive through and through. He got his Gwent start all the way back in closed beta, from there he began his ascent to being 5x Grandmaster and gracing the pro ranks until he turned his concentration to team management. Creator of the largest Facebook Community dedicated to Gwent, now nearing 2K members, Gwent Masters Worldwide is how he and the other two founders came together to form Team Leviathan Gaming shortly after the demise of Top Deck. You can find him most days on numerous Twitch stream chats, on Discord or doing what the Bossman does….whatever he damn well pleases.

Managing Partner(Co-Owner)/Competitive Team Manager/Team Captain

Bearded Serbiano Brochacho better known as BeardyBog. Cake Lover, Belgrade Boss, Helicoptering 3rd Leg Master. He loves long runs after kids throwing snowballs, breaking keyboards and dominating folks with OP decks while enjoying liquid food or a slice(or three) of delicious streusel. Dislikes include losing to RNGesus, slow internet speeds & random packs of vicious dogs trying to bite his pecker. How do you reach him??? That’s the easy part, he is Captaino Supreme of TLG….so anywhere we are involved. Email if you’re attractive and often hanker for a little late night…..Gwent. Beardy says “Cheers to Mr Bossman…he is possibly the coolest guy I have ever known”.

Managing Partner(Co-Owner)/Content Manager

Lipperino enthusiast, everyone’s favorite co op partner(regardless how reliable he really is) and Twitch darling, you can find this handsome fella gracing streams on a tri-weekly basis forcing his love of all things Lippy onto whatever streamer dares to allow him. Newly added to TLG, he is leading the charge for fresh meta updates for the Gwent community at large!

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